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Animal Testing Essay:

Animal testing, is a term which describes experiments conducted on animals in order to see their reaction on the effect of the irritant. From the time immemorial people practised animal testing in order to understand the functioning of the world, how the organism of an animal looks like and how it functions, how it differs from the human one. Later on, animal testing started to be conducted for various purposes: medicine (the effect of remedies on the organism), military purposes (testing of new weapons, chemical weapon, guns, etc.), cosmetics (testing the effect on cosmetics on the skin, eyes, hair).

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The attitude of the public towards the topic is too controversial: some people support experiments and testing believing their results are useful for the humanity. The majority of people are completely against of animal testing and try to make the companies practising it to stop these terrible actions. A range of international organizations ask to ban animal testing, because millions of animals die during the tests or they simply can not stand the pain and are killed by researchers.

The topic of animal testing is becoming more and more popular in the world, because more and more people get to know about the nature of the tests and inhumane experiments that are always conducted without anaesthesia. Moreover, the majority of the experiments are senseless, because human organism differs from the animal, so there is no contribution into the science or medicine and the life of an animal is wasted. A good essay on the topic should present the background of the problem, the cause and effect of animal testing, the spheres and purposes of the experiments. The best essay on animal testing should provide pros and cons of this phenomenon supported by reliable evidence. The essay is a personal paper, so a student is able to express his own point of view concerning the topic and attitude towards testing.

Students who are to write an essay on animal testing for cosmetics should read a lot, if they want to know the real situation with the experiments. It is obvious that it is extremely difficult to find truthful facts concerning animal testing, because the researchers hide it, as they know the reaction of the public. Nevertheless, it is possible to collect data, videos and realize the fearful results of experiments. Students can read free example essays on animal testing pros and cons to see how to write their own paper correctly. Every free sample essay on animal testing should be banned is a great experience for every young professional who wants to complete a well-structured informative and interesting academic paper.

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