Logical Consistency Definition Essay

It is critical to remain logically consistent and avoid contradiction is everyday communications. According to the lesson learned in class, the logical consistency of a statement or a set of statements meant to express an idea depends on the ability of the speaker or writer to have zero logical contradictions. If one statement is true, then in the same context, its opposite must be false. The communication channels and understanding of self and other demand that someone remains logically consistent and allows others to be so too. Logical consistency and avoidance of contradictions help in maintaining the credibility and integrity of statements.

One of the examples of an everyday contradictory statement is “the fact that you love Subaru cars and hate Saloon cars mean that you love and don’t love cars.” This statement appears inconsistent, but a closer examination could also show that it is not contradictory. One cannot love and hate one thing at the same time. However, the specific types of cars in the statement show the possibility that one can love a given model and hate another. It, therefore, implies that the last part of the statement is contradictory as it is a conclusive remark that is erroneous in its deductions from the premises provided. It is similar to other examples that are usually given in everyday talks such as discussion about the type of food people like, the places people prefer to go for holidays, the opinions regarding societal trends. These are the examples that other students have provided. I agree with the examples of logical contradiction that they have given.

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