Birth Order Effect on Achievement Essay

According to Oloo, the firstborns have higher intellectual achievement levels than later-borns. Various studies have shown consistent results to those obtained by Oloo that psychometric intelligence tests decline to a small extent as one moves from the first born to the later-borns. These studies show that the firstborn achieves better compared to later-borns. However, although the birth order is an essential factor in a person’s life formation, other factors also contribute significantly towards the formation of the child.

Oloo posits that birth order has effects on the educational attainment. Firstborns have higher intelligence than later-borns. As shown by the psychometric intelligence tests, the firstborns have shown higher results compared to the later-borns. In this regard, the firstborns are more intelligent and are hence able to achieve more than the later-borns. They also achieve better career preferences and better success than later born.

Additionally, the firstborns have to be more vigilant to make themselves distinct from other consequent borns. They hence work hard to set precedence and a good example to other borns. Due to this determination and efforts, firstborns exhibit higher attainment levels than the later-borns. It is, therefore, irrefutable that the children born first in their families achieve higher than those who come later.

In conclusion, Oloo’s perspective is that although birth order is an important factor in forming a person’s life, there are many other factors as well that determine the achievement levels of a child. As established by Oloo, firstborns are better placed to attain more achievements compared to the later-borns. Firstborns are more intelligence, gain better career preferences and become more successful than the later-borns.

Work Cited
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