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Let us not go too deep into the story – if some events in the late 1980s developed a little differently, today’s PC would look like a gimmick in the eyes of the average user. Today, Apple created its own market segment, albeit small (less than 10%, largely depends on the country), but stable. It seems very unlikely to find a user who enjoyed Mac and abandon it in favor of the PC. However, the PC users chose Mac more and more often.

So, the key difference between the compared platforms is the way the devices are constructed. PC in this regard is completely free – there are so many components, of which we (or specialists whom we trust the computer assembly) assemble a working machine.

There is almost no completely identical PC out there. Furthermore, it is the user who decides which system to install on his PC whether it is Windows or Linux, or something even more rare OS.

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With Apple story is quite different: Apple Inc. assembles its computers with a limited number of components delivered to it by the contractual manufacturers. The company itself has control over the quality of the resulting assembly and computers. Moreover, on its computers Apple install its own operating system – Mac OS. As a result, there are dozens of Macs (and it is including past generations).

In this view, PC is inevitably associated with Windows, and Mac – with Mac OS X. But there is also a stereotype that if earlier Mac was based on completely different platforme, today the heart of every new Mac is an Intel processor. This means that without any problems you can run Windows on any Mac because it is equipped with special drivers for the arch-rival of Microsoft. The reverse option to run Mac OS on the PC meets, however, much more problems – because of the abundance of components from various manufacturers selection of suitable drivers sometimes is very difficult.

The problem of finding the right software for the modern Mac is not relevant even if you cannot find anything, then nothing prevents you from running Windows on a Mac and work on it.

So, your Mac is aimed at those who want to be 100% sure of the hardware-software compatibility. All the Mac platform invented for those who do not want to take the time to figure out how the program is working, instead of just using it. It is not necessary to argue what is better – Mac with the inability of the upgrade or PC with full freedom of choice. We just need to recognize that Apple was able to realize its famous Think different and make “other” computer…

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