Memorandum Example Essay

To: Connor, Kurt, and Jaskiran
Date: 22nd September 2019
Subject: Organization coordination

After deliberating carefully, we must begin the initial steps of marketing and financial programs by sharing responsibilities, setting deadlines, and coordinated projects. The current year, we aim to advance online financial and marketing strategies to expand and reach more clients. Increasing client confidence in our technical diversity will help us to grow the company to higher ranks in the market.

Team responsibility and coordination
Our market depends on clients who require our services and those who invest in our business. As per the 2017-2018 end-of-year financial report, we made an 8% profit from sales, but we can attain greater profits if we coordinate the tasks better. Proper coordination of tasks in the organization will yield positive outcomes in revenue value, customer acquisition, investor attraction, and shareholder value. These strategies will enable us to do business at minimum acquisition costs to generate a better cash flow. The company has two departments marketing and finance. The marketing section consists of Jaskiran and Kurt, who are required to coordinate with the finance department.

Marketing department management

  • Kurt and Jaskiran will design email marketing campaigns targeting buyers and investors to ensure that the message gets to a broader audience.
  • They will also listen to clients’ needs, give them feedback, and update the team members on market trends . Jaskiran is required to write questionnaires based on the analysis carried out by Kurt and post it in the organization’s website. Jaskiran is tasked with validating customer responses and submitting them to Connor, who will present them to the team on the 30th of September 2019.
  • Jaskiran will channel outside the organization and interact with other social networks to understand users’ needs which will directly improve service provision.
  • Kurt has to write to an affiliate marketing website to create backlinks to the company’s website.
  • New digital tools and trends essential in the marketing department will be included in the strategic marketing plan. The product and service management software has to be updated routinely to monitor sales.
  • Connor has to coordinate the marketing department to ensure that the digital marketing tools work as per the organization’s standards. The tools are required to be updated by October 2, 2019.
  • Connor must reach out to the organization’s marketing consultants on October 12, 2019 to check if the marketing strategies are in line with their current market analysis. After reaching out, he is required to present to the members between the 15th and 20th of October 2019.
  • Each member is required to come up with an innovative idea to enhance our customers and investors relations by October 22, 2019. The ideas are to be submitted to Kurt and Jaskiran for validation.
  • Connor will apply his mathematical expertise to manage the budget and calculate Return on Investment of the organization. Budget planning will enable the organization to have better plans for the activities set through the current financial year.

Each member of the team has a role in marketing strategies and top-notch service delivery to customers to create long-lasting relationships.

Financial department management
The financial department has a role in monitoring the financial results of the business. Connor and I will be coordinating it to ensure that there is an interaction between the two departments. We will be keeping track of the financial trends to provide plans at manageable costs. The department has financial strategies and coordinative ideas between the two departments, as are outlined as follows:

  • The partners will implement treasury policies which should be followed by every member of the team.
  • Connor will calculate the income and expenditure for each month and present a copy to Jaskiran by the end of the first week.
  • We will be presenting marketing reports on every first week of the month for Jaskiran to take notes and analyze in comparison to the income and expenditure statements to generate a marketing report.
  • The finance department will calculate the ratio analysis between sales, costs, and the amount of money injected by investors to measure the gross expenditure of the organization by the end of the first week of each month.
  • The department will be reaching out to the investors for financing by sharing with them the objectives of the organization.
  • The funding of marketing campaigns will go per the budget as there will be disbursement of funds if the projects are not feasible.
  • We will ensure that the system can control how customers pay their bills at the required time.
  • Connor will ensure that taxes are paid and filed by both the organization and the affiliates as required by the law.
  • Kurt and Jaskiran should update the finance department each time they recruit an affiliate website marketer for us to make sure that they comply with paying taxes.
  • We will contact the relevant law offices to ensure that the organization has updates on laws and regulations changes concerning online business organizations.
  • We will ensure that the assets protection if upheld through internal control by creating viable management and internal measures.
  • The financial department will handle the management and control of the organization’s inventories and offer financial advisory to the team.
  • The team will apply Connor’s software engineering tactics to optimize the websites to higher ranks in search engines.
  • The finance team will work coherently with the marketing team to ensure that the organization has a strong presence in the online market.
  • We will make a financial decision to amplify the shareholder value. All short-term and long-term financial decisions will be communicated and discussed by the team in the next meeting.
  • We will provide the team with profit-maximizing ideas. These will be communicated during the weekly meetings.
  • We will analyze the trends in the market to advise on which companies we should acquire for the benefit of the organization.

After the meeting on the 19th of September 2019, the team members decided to rebrand from Softtnett Marketers to Nettsales Marketers which is identifiable with the products and services that we offer. The new name has improved the organization’s customer relations as it is distinctive and easy to remember. The recently acquired website domains from JayBznet Enterprises, which were acquired by goodwill, have ranked in the first page of search engines. They have sincereached more potential customers, which translates to more sales. The team secured better customer relationships in the past year, as recorded by the search engine’s analytics. The analytics also show that the customer conversion rate has drastically increased in the last two weeks.

Please note that we are improving the coordination of responsibilities which will impact the projected revenue in the current financial year. Additional information, queries, or questions will be addressed in the next meeting scheduled on the 26th of September, 2019.

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