Movie Making is a Creative Art Essay

What is art? What do you think about cinematography? Is movie making a creative art? It will not be a mistake to say that cinematography is very popular nowadays. Every new movie attracts millions of viewers in every country. Moreover, producers, directors and actors earn millions of dollars due to the sale of their movies. Consequently, movie making is extremely profitable. No wonder, the main film studios of Hollywood possess more money than the budget of an average developing country in the world. Why do these studios have so much money? What attracts people in cinematography? The answer is art.

Every film is a piece of art. Of course, there are hundreds of poor-quality movies, which do not impress the audience. Nevertheless, we can say that these films belong to the specific kind of art.

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I should say that movies are divided into two main categories. There are movies made for profit and the movies made for aesthetic reasons. In my opinion, both kinds of movies possess a great number of aesthetic elements. When you want to impress the viewers, you ought to create a high-quality picture. The quality of the film is improved with the help of special effects, costumes, decorations and of course, the performance of actors. On the other hand, the films addressed to a mass-market audience are supposed to be less aesthetic. Many critics say that art films are more serious and independent. They are intended for the definite niche market.

When we speak about an art film, we should say that this type of films belongs to the field of ‘pure’ art. Every art film is based on authorial expressivity, realism, alienation, fantasies, dreams, existentialism, etc. The role of dialogues cannot be overestimated, because protagonists present their deep ideas and feelings in complex and sophisticated sharp dialogues and monologues.

Many people criticize cinematography for its enormous profit. Why should an actor earn 100 000 dollars? What is the role of a director? Naturally, they do not understand that movie making is a very complicated and delicate process, which consumes time, efforts, nerves and money. It is not easy to create several hundreds of authentic costumes or decorations, which help the viewer get absorbed into the atmosphere of the movie. Every movie contains many artistic elements. A producer and director should control the entire process of movie making if they want to create a worthy film. They should choose the right place and time for movie making. They should hire a skillful camera operator who ‘sees’ and knows how to shoot an object in the proper way. They need a talented scriptwriter who prepares an interesting scenario. They require a group of web designers who improve the film with the special effects. Finally, they ought to find the best music for the film, which will reflect its atmosphere. Very often, music tracks are written exclusively for the definite film. It does not worth mentioning that these elements are worthless without the cast. An actor wears his original and authentic costume and performs in this fictitious world. When an actor plays well, we travel to other worlds and epochs with him. We worry about his fate and appreciate his deeds. Consequently, a common movie embraces a great number of arts in the one place. We can say that movie making connects theatre, web design, painting, sculpture, music, literature, rhetoric.

Movie making is a very complicated and time consuming process. Cinematography is closely connected with creativity. You will not make a worthy movie if you are not inventive and creative. You ought to possess rich imagination if you want to make the best plot, find the best actors and create the best decorations for your film. In my opinion, we can definite say that movie making is a creative art, because it embraces all possible forms of art invented by the humanity.

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