Essay: Should Parents Be Allowed to Spank Their Child?

How would you bring up your children? What is your attitude towards corporal punishment? Should parents spank their child when he/she behaves badly? Bringing up is a very disputable and thought-provoking topic. People have always wondered how to bring up their children effectively. Parents applied corporal punishment when their children behaved badly believing that this method is the most effective one. With the run of time, the models of bringing up have changed. Parents do not spank their children so hard but this method is still practiced in some families. This method of bringing up is very controversial. Some people oppose to spanking children. Others say that it is method to calm down a naughty child. I will analyze this relevant problem in detail in order to find any pluses and minuses of corporal punishment.

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The tradition of spanking is very old. I believe parents have always applied corporal punishment as the key method of bringing up. I can explain this phenomenon easily. Centuries ago, the life on Earth was very hard, because many people had nothing to eat and could not pay their debts. An average family was poor and hungry. People did not know about contraception and had large families. It was a norm to have at least five or eight children. Of course, some children died early, because they could not survive in such severe conditions. Therefore, the human life was not respected and appreciated. When a family consisted of ten children, parents did not bother about the humanistic approach towards bringing up. They had much work to do and they calmed down their children in this primitive way. With the run of time, the financial background of an average family has increased. Furthermore, the number of children in a family has reduced and parents can devote more attention to them. As a result, the frequently of spanking has reduced too.

In my opinion, parents should not be allowed to spank their child, because this way of bringing up is out-of-date and ineffective. According to numerous psychological experiments, children who suffer from corporal punishment often behave badly on purpose. They want to show to their parents that they possess character and that they are unbreakable. They are not afraid of punishment. I guess it is much more effective to bring up a child without spanking. Doubtless, one can affect a child better verbally than physically. When you want to punish a child, you can speak to him in the most persuasive tone. This tone is unbearable for children and they behave better when you punish them in this way. Psychological effect is always stronger.

To my mind, children should not suffer from physical pain. When a child experiences spanking frequently, his psychics becomes vulnerable. The child is afraid of going home after school, because he knows that he will be spanked there. Such children are always stressed and scared. They lose their self-esteem and self-confidence. They are afraid of everything, because they are waiting for a hit all the time. When a child suffers from frequent corporal punishment, he becomes angry with the surrounding people. This child can hit his classmates and express impoliteness at classes. This child will not respect teachers and grownups in general, because they are associated with pain.

On the other hand, I guess that in the exceptional situations children should be spanked. When parents cannot cope with their children in the peaceful way, they should apply such radical methods.

Should parents be allowed to spank their child? My answer is ‘No’. parents should try to calm down their child peacefully, because our world is already overloaded with violence and rudeness. Parents should express love and care. When a child behaves impolitely, it is better to explain the situation verbally. Corporal punishment is acceptable only in the exceptional situations.

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