My Future Career Path Essay

After extensively exploring different options for my career path, I find that a career as a physician assistant best suits my personality and backgrounds. In addition to my enthusiasm and big career goals, my life experiences, personality, and other factors have led me to take on this career path. The following are the reasons why I want to become a physician assistant.

My personality and life experience align with the quality of a physician assistant. I was born and raised in Iraq, but due to the ongoing Iraq War, my family and I had to move to Lebanon as refugees. After about nine years, we managed to move to the US. The frequent movement from one country to another has allowed me to have a wonderful opportunity to meet different people from diverse backgrounds. However, the transition into the American society was not easy due to new language and culture.

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My parents did not know English; therefore, they had to rely on me for many things. As a result, I worked and studied harder in order to adapt to this new challenges. Thus, these many life challenges have shaped my personality into becoming a more resilient and resourceful person, which I find is one of the qualities that a physician assistant should possess.

I possess skills and education suitable for a physician assistant. I grew up with a sister who suffered from severe depression. My desire to become a physician assistant is originated from looking after my sister. This experience not only has nurtured me to be come a caring person, but it is also a fulfilling moment to see my sister getting better due to my assistance. I ensured that she does not miss her psychiatrist appointment and assisted her in her daily activity. These events have shaped me to believe that I can be a good physician assistant. Moreover, I have strong passion for science, and my ninth-grade teacher plays a vital role in inspiring me towards it. The knowledge on biology of my teacher has heightened my passion for biology, in turn other science subjects. As a result, I become enthusiastic and passionate about science, which is the basic background required to study and practice to become a physician assistant.

Physician assistant job aligns with the expectation I have in my career. Being a physician assistant will allow me to become more influential. I enjoy influencing people, and taking care of patients will allow me to do that. Physician assistant is an honorable patient-centered and highly respectable position that will give me the perfect balance between collaboration and autonomy. Moreover, being qualified as a physician assistant is rewarding. It not only allows me to only particularly pay great attention on patient, but the environment and atmosphere in which a physician assistant works is also suited with my personality and characteristic.

Physician assistant is a job that allows me to have more freedom in time and tremendous job opportunity. I do not have to spend as much as time studying and practicing to become a physician assistant compared to that to become a medical doctor. With all responsibility I have for my family, I will able to graduate early and earn income to support them. I do not have to spend as much time to become a licensed physician assistant, and become specialized in certain field early. Additionally, I will be able to use my qualifications to get into other medicine-related fields that I may be interested in the future without having to take additional courses or classes, which may lead to the prolong of my time to support my family. Furthermore, physician assistant position will allows me to have regular work schedules. This is highly important for my personal life, in which I have to look after my sister who is suffered from depression. With regular work schedules, I will be able to better manage my personal time and the time to look after her without being overworked. Lastly, there are a number of job opportunities for physician assistants. My knowledge on physician assistants is that they hardly ever struggle to find jobs. There are always employment opportunities for physician assistants. It is important for me to choose a career path that does not take much time in school, and there are many job opportunities for it. In this way, I can ensure that I will be able to earn income to support my family as soon as I graduate and have time to look after my sister.

Overall, I find that being a physician assistant is most suitable for me due to a number of reasons. It suits my personality, enjoying working in the hospital and life experience in which I have to look after of my sister who has depression. Additionally, I possess skills and knowledge suitable for a physician assistant based on my experience in looking after my sister and my passion for biology and science. Further, this job can provide me the values I want to have in my career expectation. Lastly, being a physician assistant will allow me to have more time to look after my sister, in addition to its large number of job opportunities. Therefore, I want to become a physician assistant.

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