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An individual needs to progress in his/her own life that means that he/she needs to constantly improve him/herself in order to become better, wiser, more professional, etc. This is why an individual needs to develop him/herself. At any rate, I strongly believe that through self-development we can improve not only our own life but also the life of other people that surround us in our daily life. I should confess that self-development is my true passion I can hardly resist to and in actuality self-development is one of the major goals of my life.

I should say that I believe that it is impossible to be indifferent to self-development because it threatens to my future. It seems to be obvious that without self-development I could hardly achieve anything in my life.

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To put it more precisely, I need self-development because it is the major condition of my personal and professional progress. It proves beyond a doubt that nowadays I, as well as any other individual, cannot acquire some set of knowledge or develop some skills which could be sufficient for me for the rest of my life. The contemporary world is progressing too fast and the knowledge and skills I acquire at the moment will be insufficient, if not out of date, within a few years. Consequently, to keep pace with the progress of technologies and general development of the world and my social surrounding I need to develop myself.

What I mean by self-development is not only the acquisition of new knowledge or development of new skills, but I also think that self-development is also the moral or spiritual development. Nowadays, I understand that it is not enough for me to be just an intelligent person or to possess certain skills. In fact, even a machine can perform some skills that people can develop. What I need the most is the development of my identity. I should realize my own needs and the purpose of my life. This means that I have to understand myself, my needs and my desires through self-development in such a way that I could live in harmony with the surrounding world and with my own principles, i.e. my self-development should not violate my moral and ethic principles.

At the same time, I am conscious of the fact that my self-development can help improve myself. I can become a better professional as well as I can become a wiser person, being able to perceive adequately the surrounding world. In addition, my self-development can be helpful for other people as well because it is obvious that, becoming better through the constant progress, I can help other people to change themselves for better too. In the process of self-development, I will naturally acquire the experience of positive changes that I can easily share with other people and assist them to improve their own life and in live in harmony with themselves and the surrounding world.

In conclusion, I should say that my self-development is very important and I think that all people could share my passion because species that are unable to self-development are doomed to a gradual degradation.
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