My Personality Traits Essay

Three concepts that can describe my personality and values best are as follows: tenacious, resourceful and team player. As concerns the first characteristic, I believe it is very important in all spheres of life. Being tenacious helps me to stay focused on my goal and find creative avenues for achieving it. Initial failure rarely discourages me: even if I fail at first, I continue striving to accomplish what I have set to accomplish. However, tenacity should not be mistaken for obstinacy. I am sure it is possible to be goal-oriented and strong-willed while remaining flexible and versatile. Tenacity is a characteristic that comes in handy at work, in school and in any other setting. I am sure it will help me to stay meaningfully engaged in the life of the Boston University community. For instance, I plan to participate actively in various sporting activities.

Here success is impossible without tenacity. Playing on a team, defending the name of one’s university in national competitions, requires hours, days and months of exhausting exercise and preparation. I have always found it helpful to visualize my goal, constantly and in smallest detail: positive thinking keeps me focused and motivated.

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As for my second key characteristic, being resourceful has also helped me in a variety of situations. To me, resourcefulness means thinking outside the box, trying things no one has tried before. Resourcefulness is the starting point for any creative or scientific exploration. Coupled with tenacity, it will help me to excel in whatever I am doing. Furthermore, I want to use my skills and energy for the benefit of others, especially those in need. I was very excited to learn about various projects Boston University Community Service Center works on. At the same time, I want to unleash my creative potential through joining artistic projects, such as Boston University Stage Troupe. Time permitting, I want to see whether being resourceful will make me a good writer for a student newspaper like The Student Underground.

While the first two characteristics described me as an individual, the last concept applies to my interactions with others. I have always been of the opinion that individual accomplishment is important, but the greatest things are done in teams. Therefore, I am often described as a helpful and cooperative team member. Whether it is a team preparing a project for class or an ice hockey team, working together is of paramount importance. There are some values teamwork should be based on; they are respect, mutuality and empathy. Perhaps living by these values made my interactions with peers so enjoyable and non-confrontational.

I strongly deem that being tenacious, resourceful and a team player will make me a valuable member of the Boston University community. I am truly looking forward to join this great family!
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