Employee Recommendation Letter

Optotech Centre
P.O BOX 12233
New York, USA

15 AUG, 2019

To Whom It May Concern


It is absolutely my pleasure to recommend (Name) for a position at your school.
Having worked with him for about one year, I must admit that I thoroughly enjoyed the level of commitment and integrity (Name) displayed. (Name) is not only a dependable person but also an honest and very hardworking individual. Besides, he is an amazing team player who cannot compromise the team objectives for his personal reasons. The fact that he is ever ready to lay aside every other setback and sacrifice fully for the success of the team makes (Name) a person I would love to see serving in the field of optometry.

(Name) has proven himself as an intelligent, bright, and reasonable young man. Over the time I have interacted with him, I have seen in (Name) an individual with advanced judgment and willingness to learn. He has always presented strong points in discussions and ability to read, understand, and analyze pieces of literature with outstanding excellence. Besides, his statements and conversations are seasoned with a high level of critical thinking.

I believe that the distinction and reservation of scholarships in departments as yours should be reserved only for the most intelligent and promising minds. In regards to this, I believe that the academic and intellectual capability of (Name) qualifies him for the scholarship.
Therefore, it is my hope that you will give him the opportunity to advance his studies by admitting him to your school.

I appreciate your time and favorable consideration on his behalf. Thank you!

Dr. Dan Dee
+1 223 145 337

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