Essay on Myths of Motivation

Staff motivation is the issue that extremely important for the business. Motivation is one of the main functions of any manager. The manager has an impact on other people, namely, through the use of motivation techniques. There is a huge amount of information on this subject: the abundance of the different opinions, advices, instructions, and guidelines for action. All these had led to some of the myths about the staff motivation, the main of which is “The more money (or” non-material incentives”) you give, the higher staff motivation is”.

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The reason for the persistence of this myth lies in the fact that money, one way or another, play a huge role in the life of every working person, and each of the employees wants to be paid fairly and well. Nevertheless, the relationship between money and employee motivation is much more complicated function as very often “using money or types of incentives to get increased performance turns people into selfish, self-centered mercenaries who are increasingly tuned into WIFM (what’s-in-it-for-me)” (Clemmer, 2006). Numerous studies have collected quite a number of evidences that, for example, the ability to engage themselves in meaningful and useful activities for the organization rouses far greater enthusiasm and desire to work than the highest payment (Sansone, C. & Harackiewicz, 2000, p. 289).

Leaders of different types of companies from diverse industries believe that the root of evil is in the absence of motivation. It forces U.S. employers to spend up to $ 100 billion per year to encourage employees. The amount is huge, especially considering that, in the opinion of staff members themselves, the issue does not exist at all. For example, athletic coaches are considered “the masters of motivation”; therefore, they enjoy the great love of business representatives. Sometimes, they receive up to $ 50 thousand for the single performance talking about the building a system of motivation of the team players. (Sansone, C. & Harackiewicz, 2000, p. 317). However, have someone heard ever that an athlete says that he needs motivation? Can someone imagine that after losing a crucial match, the football players responsibly declare, “We lost yesterday because we did not have enough interest?”
Among other myths of motivation, one can identify the other well-known myth such as “Motivation can be created, or motivation can be controlled”. Perhaps, the phrase “Management of Staff Motivation” is familiar to all. This phrase originates from this particular myth! The other one is “Fear is the best motivator”. Fear is really a big motivator, but it works within a very short time.

However, all managers want to achieve long-term and sustainable impact in the motivation of their staff (NAS Recruitment Communications, 2007).

From the point of pragmatics view, the manager should take into account that motivation is an intrinsic characteristic of the man. In order to use this phenomenon for the benefit and interest of the company, the manager should be able to take into consideration its effect on the various procedures of human resource management such as staff recruitment and selection, evaluation and management of effectiveness, staff education and development, creation the various operational systems and processes.

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