Narrative Essay Example

Amon could no longer hear the blaring sound of guns. A peaceful silence had engulfed the air. How he survived that war remains a misery. What Amon remembers was the fight that ensued a day before. “How long have I been here?” he wondered. It was a miracle that he had survived the attack. After quickly gazing at his surroundings, he could not believe his eyes. Was he dead? No, this was reality. All of his colleagues and enemies were all dead and scattered around the ground. He slowly got up to get a better view of the vicinity. Even though he writhed with pain, Amon smiled, for he was alive. He tried stretching his body to assess his injuries and discovered that he could not feel his legs. He tried moving, but nothing could have prepared him for what he saw. He was bleeding profusely from his lower abdomen. From a distance, sounds of helicopters flooded the air, and Amon became hopeful that they would rescue him. He was weak and could not utter a word to the rescuers. He prayed they would find him right before he blacked out.

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When Amon awoke, he found himself lying on a hospital bed. On his right was his wife Grace, who was caressing him. She looked as though she had been crying all night. “Amon!” she said. “Thank God you are alive; I thought I would never see you again” she continued while crying. “You do not have to worry, Grace; I will be fine,” Amon comforted her. “The doctors were to assess your situation once you woke up. Let me find someone quickly” she said and bolted out the door. Moments later, she came back with the doctor. “Hello Amon, I’m glad you are awake,” the doctor said. “I am Doctor Lee; you have lost a lot of blood, and we had to put you on blood transfusion.” Amon asked, “How is the condition of my legs, is there hope that they can be fixed?” The doctor replied, “We are still assessing your situation, it might take time, but I will brief you on your condition.”

At this moment, Amon could see how impatient his wife Grace was. It was as if she wanted the procedure to be done instantly in order to save him. “But doctor, why can’t you just transfer him to a better hospital?” she interjected. “Surgery needs to be done immediately. Do you want my husband to lose his legs?” she continued. “Relax madam; all will be well. We only need a few more days to assess the conditions of the bones, and some arteries and veins. As you are aware, the bones are fractured, and we need to time to check how well it can be fixed without having problems in future,” the doctor told Grace. Amon’s wife did not like the answer. She began shouting and everyone in the hospital shifted their gaze toward Amon. “Excuse me madam. I assure you that your husband will be fine,” the doctor said. “Do not worry.” Amon tired to comfort his wife before she left, but his eye lids felt heavy and he drifted off. He was overcome by a white light, and that would be the last time Grace saw her husband alive.

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