Fiction and Nonfiction Essay

Alexi’s ‘Pawn Shop’ story is a kind of tale that I would like to see more of. It’s exciting and captivating. An Indian man is introduced, and it all revolves around him. This Indian man walks to a bar after being away for a while, and he notices a significant difference from what he left behind. This man remains as he representative of the rest of Indians to the society. The bartender expects that he should have an idea of where the rest of the Indians went. The bartender thinks he is the only person who can explain the disappearance of the rest of the Indians. He is not restricted to know the whereabouts of other people except the Indians only. To his disappointment, he is not in a position to understand since he has been away for a while.

When you read this line “I don’t know, and I don’t know” it shows the emphasis put to what the Indian man was saying. His action pushes against the expectation of society. The Indian man cuts off the bartender who had the interest to know where their fellow Indians had gone.

On the articles delivered by Douglas, we meet a citizen who feels that he is just but a slave to his own country. He is only called upon to make speeches on the fourth of July, but he thinks that independence does not extend to them as the citizens. He believes that it’s his role in ensuring the rights of all individuals is effected. The individual states that he feels left out in this glorious anniversary. High independence increases the distance between the government and the citizens. He thinks that he has no said to what the government has to act upon. They are just the victims of the government’s actions.

One of his audience has to say that this is the time that they need to argue more and denounce less, and this will make his case more likely to succeed. He further comments that his brother will not make a public impression with his abolitionists fail.

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