North-South Power Imbalance Essay

The power imbalance between the North and South has resulted to a number of conflicts.

The military power of the North has dominated the South, making the Southerners have no say in the global matters. This situation has seen the Southern states depend on the North for their security. Power imbalance in terms of the economy is seen in the global markets and the ownership and governing of international institutions. These institutions have become center sites for the interaction between the North and South states when it comes to technology, finance, and trade. However, this interaction is not free. It is done under conditions with the North benefiting more than the Southern states. There are limits and consequences of change The Northern states have come up with number trade agreements that have seen them benefit more from the international trade. They have made multilateral negotiation with the aim of dominating international trade through market access and regulations.

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Even though, they have allowed the developing countries access to this market, they have placed restrictions aimed at controlling intellectual policy, trade, and inward investment.

The North is using its economic power to enhance competitive liberalization in the international trade. Countries like the United States are capitalizing on this power to create streamlined global economy so that their firms can start operating in developing countries where the production and labor costs are low. This will suppress the goals of developing countries of having a sustainable share in the world business.

In the modern days, the North has come up with protective tariffs regulations aimed at managing inward investment. This will make it hard for South to change from agrarian to industrialized Local manifestation of power imbalance is seen when it comes to ownership.

The way in which development knowledge is owned and disseminated shows a massive gap in terms of power balance. In the South, there is a formidable challenge of retaining ownership of development systems. This is the main problem the stakeholders of South have. In the South, the leaders show power imbalance by owning development strategy and policy. The leaders are the chief decision makers leaving the common citizens at their mercies. Most South governments have failed to establish effective leadership, and develop national policies or strategies for development. In terms of ownership, debt burden and aid dependence dominates the South.

Depending on aid from the North is a clear manifestation of power imbalance.

The southern states do not have enough to cater for their needs. For this reason, they have been transformed to be slaves of the North. The South has limited resources to enhance its development. For this reason, the North continues playing a strong role of helping these developing countries. The donor influence on the South has influenced operations at the national level. The North is influencing the development programs being implemented in the South.

Donors have taken advantage of their expertise and knowledge to influence the types of projects being undertaken in developing countries. The North is misguiding many countries when it comes to projects to undertake. In addition to giving this countries aid, they go an extra mile to bring their experts to implement the projects. This is indirect dominance over the South.

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