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The concept of patriotism has been a popular slogan lately as the “Crisis with Iraq” continues to escalate. As it has risen camps have arisen with opposing views, some think that war must be used to ensure peace, some advocate that peace must be continually sought with war as only as counter-strike, some hold a mixture of both. However, with all these contrasting views, they all claim that they are acting in full spirit of patriotism. This seems odd, since such polar camps seem to be drawing their authority from the same source and alleging that their opponents are not being truly patriotic. This gives good cause to examine the meaning of being patriotic.

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According to Webster’s Encyclopedic Unabridged Dictionary, patriotism is “devoted love, support, and defense of one’s country and its interests; national loyalty.”
So, according to this, the group that “loves, is supporting, and defending” their country’s interests, is the group that is truly in the spirit of patriotism. This leads to new problems as the country’s interests are then needed to be determined. All this analyzing and nit-picking of details in order to twist the meaning of patriotism to one side and use it as a missile to strike at the opponents of each camp makes the meaning and significance of the word lost. Patriotism is much more than just a bunch of words by which bickering is heightened, or a bunch of ignorant people with “Bin-Laden Sucks” bumper stickers and flags draped around their bodies.

Patriotism is exactly what Webster says it is, except that people don’t understand the words. Patriotism is undying devotion to one’s nation and its government. The patriotic person doesn’t brag about being of one certain nationality and use it as a platform but as a form of ethos. Patriotism is the sacrifice of self for the good of a greater concept and entity. It is the individual standing against all odds, defying those who would go against the ideas the country was founded upon. It is a deep respect for those ideas and that which symbolizes and manifests them, such as the American Flag and all offices of the government. When someone calls on patriotism for a cause, they shouldn’t be a demagogue playing on emotions for personal gain, but to remind people that each of them aren’t the only person the nation serves, but together with each and every other citizen, they are all are a part of it and so are responsible for its well-being.420

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