Performance Appraisal Survey Analysis Essay

The issue of managing human resources is probably one of the most complex ones, and the subject of people’s behavior in the workplace attracts researchers more and more. Among numerous tools invented for managing individuals’ job performance so-called Performance Appraisal plays one of the major roles. The purposes of performance appraisal may vary in every particular company, but the common goal in every case is evaluation of level of employee’s performance at work considering their goals, results, plans, and motivation.

In the present paper we will try to analyze the results of performance appraisal survey taken place within employees of the same organization. In this case the organization carried out a survey to find out the relation of employees to performance appraisal and to evaluation of results of performance appraisal for every employee in particular.

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We have five questions of the survey that cover the topic of just and fair performance appraisal and responses of three employees (whether PA was timely, whether it was fair; if the results of PA were expected; if PA was measured against their job duties; and whether they had recommendations for improvement). The performance appraisal was carried out with developmental approach headed to development of employees’ individual results and motivation.

The managers used the most popular performance appraisal method while conducting the survey – the scale rating survey. The individuals had to rate each question on the scale from “strongly agree” to “strongly disagree”. The rating scales method is very convenient for surveys, especially in the present case. We can now compare and contrast responses of all participants at the same time.

 The first employee gave the same answer (“agree”) to all the survey questions. Summarizing his responses, we may conclude that on his view he received timely and fair performance appraisal, its results were what he expected, his performance appraisal was measured against his job duties and description, and he was provided recommendations during his performance appraisal. Thus, on one hand, the first employee is satisfied with his results and considers performance appraisal to be relevant and just. On the other hand, however, he considers that performance appraisal was evaluated against his job duties or expectations. This may not mean unfair survey, as for the employee considers it to be fair and timely. Hence this may only mean that the employee rates his duties very seriously and sets very high level of demands and goals to himself, thus considers it right to measure his duties more strictly. He is aimed to improvement of his job performance and was provided the appropriate recommendations during performance appraisal. This employee has very good self-esteem level and result-orientated motivation.

The second employee gave negative answers to all questions (“disagree” or “strongly disagree”). Therefore, to his mind he received unfair and not timely performance appraisal, its results were not what he expected, his performance appraisal was measured against his job duties and description, and he was not provided with recommendations for improvement. According to these responses we may analyze that this employee is not satisfied with evaluation of his performance appraisal. He considers the results of it unjustified, and he was expected for different results.

However, he does not consider his performance appraisal to be measured against his job duties. Hence, he thinks that the process itself was fair, but his particular case was evaluated improperly. This employee was not provided with recommendations for improvement, and he may judge his supervisors for unjust results. This employee needs to be encouraged by more recommendations and consultations aimed to improving his job performance.

The third employee gave the same answers as the first one, and the resulted analysis of their survey responses is equal.

We may see that the majority of participants (66.6%) showed the same survey results headed on self-improvement and high level of job performance. The rest of participants (33.3%) showed different result that need to be improved and paid special attention for. To improve the current performance appraisal process for this company it will be useful to apply the essay method. This flexible approach is suitable for all individual types and usually gives very positive results.
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