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Free persuasive essay about AIDS:

AIDS is serious disease which is caused by the human immunodeficiency virus which attacks the human immune system and reduces the organism’s resistance against various diseases. There is the international organization AIDS Care Education and Training which has the aim to prevent the spreading of the disease in the world and cares about the patients who suffer from it. The first case on AIDS occurred in 1983 in the USA and the patient died two months later. Nowadays more than 400 000 people falls ill with AIDS.

AIDS is not a fatal disease itself, because it simply ruins the human immune system and the real danger can be done by other diseases, even a simple flu and rhinitis. AIDS is caused by HIV, which attacks T helper cells and ruins the immune system. HIV is transmitted into the human organism in three ways: during the sexual contact, during the blood contact (when the infected blood is in the contact with the healthy blood, for example, drug addicts often share the appliances between one another; during surgery, blood donation, etc); during breastfeeding (the baby becomes infected by his mother).

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According to the latest statistics the infected pregnant woman not always gives birth to an infected baby, because the blood of both organisms does not remain in contact. HIV is not transmitted during the shaking of hands, kissing, sneezing, coughing, insect biting, sweat, tears, etc. Nowadays, there is no cure for AIDS and physicists can only reduce the negative impact of the disease of the human organism and prolong the patient’s life artificially.

Today the most urgent policy is to prevent the further spreading of the disease than its curing.

AIDS is the urgent problem nowadays, because the disease takes millions of human lives every year and it still continues spreading all over the world. When the student has decided to prepare a well-analyzed persuasive paper and reveal the problem on AIDS, he should improve his background knowledge about the topic and collect additional information about the disease. The student is supposed to persuade the reader in the relevance of the problem on AIDS, provide him with the worthy arguments and construct a sensible and logical text.

A persuasive essay is a difficult paper which is aimed at the subjective presentation of the student’s idea about the problem under research. The student can improve his chances to prepare a worthy text if he looks through a free example persuasive term paper on AIDS in Africa written by an expert. The most useful piece of advice of a free sample persuasive essay on AIDS is the information about the right structure and format of the paper which meets the general standards.

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