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The skepticism (from Greek skeptikos: “which examines”) is strictly a doctrine that human thought cannot determine truth with certainty.

It is not abut to dismiss the research, but rather to never interrupt claiming to be able to reach the absolute truth. Its main objective is not to make us avoid the error, but send us the tranquility (ataraxia), away from conflicts of faith and the pain that we can feel when discovering the inconsistency in your convictions. Skepticism asserts that man cannot find neither an answer to philosophical questions nor certainty about the answers to philosophical questions and enigmas of nature and the universe, even if they exist.

Research papers on skepticism show that the term is an adjective used extensively, sometimes in areas far away from the ancient custom. It served to designate a certain defeatism about the knowledge, particularly during the Renaissance. The term has finally been recovered by movements with a distant link with skepticism but seeking to highlight their protest in front of the ideas presented as true.

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According to Sextus, the skeptic philosophy (in his late period) was a non-dogmatic philosophy whose methodological principle was to oppose any valid reason, and on any subject. The purpose of this research, which can be called logic, is to destroy the misconceptions that we argue about everything and make us unhappy deceiving us about the nature of things. This last point can be compared with the epicurean, but the comparison stops there because the skeptic intends to remain in ignorance by accepting anything that is questionable. He makes no assumptions, but still leaves open the possibility of refutation.

However, the reality of phenomena is taken for granted, that is to say that the appearance is as we see it. He does not say: “this object (as substance) is of such (intrinsic quality),” but: “this object, as it seems to me, appears with such sensible quality.” From the point of view of knowledge, it negates the category of substance, to only indicate the related appearances without substrate metaphysics, from a moral point of view, this distinction helps to establish rules of life from the Experience: In general, the skeptic follows the established beliefs, even if he does not believe it. The views of common sense are indifferent to him: this is the conclusion of this moral philosophy, ataraxia, and acatalepsie (tranquility and absence of pain that is due to the so-called incomplete understanding).

According to Victor Brochard, skepticism, in its most rigorous formulations, is a true scientific method similar to the modern scientific mind. Indeed, raising no metaphysical hypothesis, skepticism is do not oppose to study phenomena and make a theory from the results. But it must be said, however, that these philosophers do not seem to have been aware of the epistemological novelty of their doctrine, they were too busy with the happy indifference in their search.

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