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The Proverbs tell us many things about wisdom that every person, believer or not, can benefit from reading and understanding the message of the Proverbs. Proverbs tells us that wisdom is a woman who calls out to the simple and lacking in understanding, she calls out so that they may gain prudence and understanding. She is a polite hostess who invites us to join her in a feast and sets before us a table of plenty of meat and wine and understanding. Her house is beautiful and supported by seven pillars because she built it.

She speaks to us and invites us with her words that are right, true, and worthy. She is never wicked or perverse. She and her words are more precious than any gem or jewel in all of the world for she offers life to those who will hear her. They say you are the company you keep, if you keep wisdom in your company then you will begin to be like her with prudence and understanding because wisdom also keeps the company of prudence and understanding. She continuously offers counsel and judgment to those who will hear her words. Proverbs tells us that wisdom was also the 1st born of the Lord and was there at the creation of the world. She has always been with God because God is wise.

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To ignore wisdom would be to fall into folly and death. To accept wisdom is to gain life and riches beyond that which the world could ever give. Every man should hear the call of wisdom and listen to her. She is good and true and will guide any who listen to her away from the ways of the perverse and wicked, out of death, and into righteousness and life.

The Proverbs also tell us about the loud adulteress Folly. She is a wicked woman who wants to deceive men and lead them into death. She is the opposite of Wisdom and her enemy because they both battle for the simple and those who lack understanding.

Folly is a loud woman who is undisciplined, crude, and without knowledge. She yells to people in the streets and bids them to come into her house to dine on a feast. She lays a feast before those who listen to her, but her food must be eaten in secret and the water she offers is stolen. She claims there is no price for the feast, yet the men who listen to her have to pay the price of death.

She is an adulteress who tempts men into wickedness and sin. She prowls the street corners at night. She approaches men dressed like a prostitute and she has a crafty intent. Her feet never stay at home and she is always about trying to bring men into sin. She offers men her bed covered with Egyptian linens and perfumes. She appeases to men, promising them good things, but only delivering loss, death, and destruction. Proverbs tells us that the men who listen to the adulteress and go with her are, ???like an ox going to the slaughter or the deer stepping into the noose till an arrow pierces his liver, like a bird darting into a snare, little knowing it will cost him his life.??? (Pro 7:22-23)
Folly is not a creation of God but a creation of man, for god only keeps in his company Wisdom and he detests folly. Those who choose folly choose death, and those who choose wisdom choose eternal life with God.

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