Resistance to Change Essay

Change is a positive stepping stone in any developing organization or company. However, the employees’ perception of the induced change determines the outcome. Change should not be rapid but rather a continuous process to incorporate the individuals’ personalities, beliefs and perceptions regarding the organization’s new structure. Change is adopted in an organization that is looking forward to the future success despite the overt strengths and weaknesses to fit in the apparent competitive world (Moran & Brightman 2001). Change should come along with motivation and implementation of the visions. Otherwise, many employees perceive difference as threatening and harmful hence may be obliged to quitting or resisting the change.

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In most cases, resistance to change does not just emanate from the subordinate employees who are afraid of supervision but majorly from the managerial department especially when the proposed change is from a junior employee. Resistance to change would be positive if discussed openly by all the employees since it will help in analyzing both the overt and covert strengths and weaknesses of the proposed change. This paper, therefore, examines a current behavior in McDonalds Company in Saudi Arabia through an interview with the manager and explains the possible causes of the practice.

McDonald’s is an international fast foods company with its parent headquarters situated in Saudi Arabia. It is widely acknowledged as the largest in its category with its presence in over 110 countries across the globe where it operates over 30,000 food outlets. The company works by franchising and starts operations once it has given the full affiliation rights to the franchise. The company has significant sales in burgers, chicken, breakfast foods, drinks and beverages. In Saudi Arabia, all the McDonald restaurants are operated and organized the same way as other restaurants. All the menus for McDonald’s restaurants across the world are almost similar. The target market for the McDonald foods are mainly the children, teens and the millennial age groups. Consequently, McDonald is not only specialized in serving the aforementioned fast foods but also offers a variety of nutritious meals with less fat content. From the data collected during the interview, the following questions were able to get the answers regarding McDonald chain of restaurants.

What is the current level of selected behavior (topic) in the Organization?
The MacDonald chain of restaurant, which had initially specialized in serving cheap fast food, has currently adopted a change in the kind of dishes they serve to the customers. It does no longer has a target a certain age bracket to offer the dishes but has outgrown its capacity to accommodate all the individual citizens. From the 1 Dollar Menu to 1 Dollar Menu and More. The prices for dishes had to maintain its initial offers to provide all the social classes in the country and also to keep its high customer target. Since MacDonald is a chained fast food company, the services are the same in all the individual restaurants. The reduction in serving fast foods, the minimum prices incurred by the customers is maintained in all the restaurants.

What are the reasons/factors that lead to the existence of the selected behavior as described in (a) above?
Due to an increasingly young population and the rise in consumers’ demand for healthier food in Saudi Arabia, MacDonald fast-food operator has found it necessary to add healthier options to their menus. They have considered it necessary to add and offer menus which appeal to the traditional preferences of Saudi consumers which continued to develop and became the highly consumed from then as compared to the fast food. Many children and teenagers had been recorded to be obese as a result of high consumption of the foods with much cholesterol content thus being a major concern for the teenage population in the country (Stephen & Timothy 2015). Furthermore, MacDonald’s current behavior aimed at maintaining its reputation after questions had been raised regarding the kind of foods they serve if they were natural or genetically engineered. Most people did not believe in the meals offered by the chain of restaurants due to their cheap cost which made it move from the 1 dollar menu to 2 dollar menu to balance with the changes in a recipe that had been adopted. Conclusively, when an organization is facing any challenge, it becomes unavoidably necessary for the organization to change. When a change is introduced into an organization, it improves the performance and may end up increasing the overall effectiveness of the organization. As Stephen& Timothy notes in their book ‘Organizational Behavior’, it is the work of the organizational heads to foresee, implement and oversee a change. Senior managers, directors and heads of departments should all react quickly any time there is a prompt for a change in the organization. It is also advisable that when amendments have been adopted to a given organization, the individual employees need to be given time to incorporate the changes and work according to them for a positive feedback.

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