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John Harter’s article focuses on highlighting the nature of the relationship that exists between labor unions and environmentalist organizations. The focus of his research is on the shortcomings of Greenpeace, an organization created specifically to develop amicable resolutions between corporations and forest workers. Additionally, the documentary by Rothwell captures the campaign efforts by Greenpeace through a close analysis of its history. This overview makes the film seem propagandist. Finally, the article by Binnema and Niemi focuses on the plight of aboriginal individuals who resided in Banff National Park. The focus is on how the life of the Indian people, who were once hunters, had changed ever since the ban on hunting game.

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According to Binnema and Niemi, aboriginal communities resided in the wilderness and hunted game. In essence, hunting provided food for such families as “civilization” did not reach this community. As such, the development of the “Sportsman’s Code of Ethics” interfered with the way of life of Indian communities as hunting game had to be within the confines of the legislation (Widdowson, 33). The law stipulated that those who wished to participate in the activity within Banff National Park had to be willing to invest both money and time and be actively involved in the preservation of animals, forest, and fish. At the time, sports hunters were more affluent and able to advocate against the practices of the aboriginal hunters. On the other hand, since the Indians were from impoverished communities, their culture was overridden; their hunting practices were regarded as a violation the principles developed by the sportsmen. Eventually, the aboriginal people had begun selling both the meat from the carcasses and trophy heads of the slain game.

Nevertheless, the policies barring aboriginal people from Banff Park were in line with the interests of environmental conservation. Moreover, such an approach was regarded as a blessing in disguise for the Indian people as they begun to seek other alternatives such as agriculture to put food on the table. Besides, the banning of hunting was instrumental in encouraging aboriginal individuals to gravitate towards civilization where some took formal paid jobs as guides within Banff National Park. John Harter’s thesis may be summarized as the attempt to shed light on the nature of the relationship that existed between Greenpeace environmentalists and the working class foresters following the creation of the Sloan commission which legalized sustainable logging. The advancements in technology led to the shrinkage in job opportunities as the process of logging only required few workers. A standoff between environmentalists and logging companies ensued which digressed from real issues such as technological alterations, overproduction, capital imperatives, profits, and cutting costs on labor. The controversial relationship that existed between environmentalists such as those from Greenpeace and forest workers may be epitomized by the handling of the case of Clayoquot Sound. Policies to promote drastic reduction in the allowable logging within the area did well in easing the tension that ensued afterwards. Although Greenpeace was able to reach an agreement with Macmillan Bloedel, the workers were not involved in the resolution process revealing that its partnership with the workers was seemingly elusive (Widdowson, 33).

Greenpeace documentary Summary
After watching the Greenpeace documentary, the viewer is left wondering whether the organization truly attempts to achieve a win-win situation between environmentalists and forest workers. Some of the internal wrangles were publicly reported in mass media (Widdowson, 33). One such case is Greenpeace attempt to end a workers union through the use of threats of layoffs, intimidation, and other forms of systemic discrimination against racial minorities and women. Moreover, an expose illustrated how Greenpeace misappropriated funds (Alfred, 12). Much of the donations were redirected towards administrative purposes. Such behavior showcases the undemocratic and unrepresentative nature of Greenpeace.

Greenpeace has carried out successful campaigns on an array of environmental issues. It is widely popular for its aggressive battles against testing of nuclear weapons and commercial hunting of whales. Additionally, the movement has widely protested through use of banners hang on bridges and other bridges. The movement now majors on four environmental issues which are: Ocean Ecology and Forestry, Atmosphere and Energy, Toxins, and Disarmarment. Greenpeace hopes to minimize the prevalent use of fossil fuels and advocates for new laws that promote energy efficiency and use of renewable energy. Furthermore, the movement advocates against the spread of atomic power and dumping of radioactive effluent.

Greenpeace works towards protecting living organisms and extinction prone species. It discourages overfishing and non-beneficial fishing activities such as the killing of dolphins in all water bodies (Widdowson, 33). Greenpeace helped save the Antarctica through persuading 23 nations from signing an agreement to stop mining in the area for a period of 50 years. The movement promotes diversity through protection of tropical and temperate forests around the globe (Alfred, 12). The group also advocates for the banning of the use of chlorine and dumping of harmful effluent in developing countries. Currently, the most pressing issue that the movement is fighting against is the use of harmful pesticides such as chlorofluorocarbons. Furthermore, it also conducts research on the effects of these harmful substances on human beings and encourages recycling as a means of pollution eradication.

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