Essay on Revenge

Revenge is an act of a person individual attack against another person, motivated by previous action of the latter, seen as negative (competition or harm) by the first. It can be against individual, family, or ethnic group and institutions.

Revenge is not exclusively related to humans, although it is the behavior most common among people. There are several cases, when circus elephants attack their trainer, who had abused them. In December 2000, the Saudi newspaper Al-Riyadh reported that a group of hamadryas baboons ambushed on the edge of the road for three days to stone a driver, who had previously crashed a member of the group of monkeys.

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Revenge can come from frustration (justified or not) and is an act of emotional origin, which we cannot escape. Since the ancient times Public Justice has been used to curb revenge, or “private justice,” often destructive for society (but it can also be constructive uniting a community by the common desire). Therefore, the texts of the oldest laws describe a form of lex talionis, in order to define a proportionate response to the harm caused by the offender. There various types of revenge, one of them is vendetta, which is vengeance for a murder or for a simple offense that involves all parents and creates a clash of two families over a long period, this type of revenge is done in some Mediterranean regions such as Corsica, Sardinia, and Sicily.

Revenge is often mentioned and shown as a motive for different show, such as movies, television series, and video games. Revenge is sometimes the main theme for the movie plot. In the famous movie Kill Bill, and its sequel, Beatrix Kiddo (played by Uma Thurman) seeks revenge on her ex-boss Bill by killing him. Another well-known example of vengeance story is the novel of The Count of Monte Cristo by Alex Dumas. You may also know such famous stories as Old Boy, Hamlet, and V for Vendetta (the movie).

To understand that emotional aberration that our society used to call revenge, you have to carefully study all the different factors and aspects, which help you to describe and explain this destructive feeling. Students, who have chosen revenge as a topic for their research project, will have to process a great deal of not always useful information to find out the key ideas on origins and evolution of the phenomenon. In addition to that, their second-main task is to present decently the results of their work in the form of research proposal on revenge.

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