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Virtual reality is a term referring to visual and sound effects, generated by a computer, which allows the viewer to immerse into the imaginary environment behind the screen. A user is surrounded by computer generated picture and sound that give him a sense of reality. The user interacts with the virtual world through a variety of sensors, such as, for example, helmet and gloves, which make possible to control virtual reality through the user’s movements recognition. Future researches in the field of virtual reality are aimed at increasing the impression of the reality observed.

Virtual Reality is a new technology of contactless information interaction that realizes an illusion of presence in a real-time virtual environment presented on the screen through the integrated multimedia operating system. More abstractly, it is an imaginary world, which is perceived by the user through the software-hardware complex as real.

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Virtual reality is a highly developed form of computer modeling that allows a user to plunge into the artificial world and directly interact with it through the system of special sensors monitoring his movements and react to them with audiovisual effects. These visual, auditory, tactile, and motor effects are simulated by computer. The main characteristic of virtual reality are: a real-time 3-dimensional modeling, environment simulation with a high degree of realism, and an ability to interact with the environment.

An artificial environment created by computer that has all the features of the reality and can be penetrated and transformed from outside. Thus, virtual reality allows communication not only with other people, but also with virtual, artificial individuals.

The term “virtual” first appeared in the XVII century as an application of classical mechanics. It was a mathematical designation of an experiment, limited by objective reality, in particular, imposed by external constraints and connections.

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