Essay on Self Reliance by Ralph Waldo Emerson

Free Essay on Self Reliance by Emerson:

The essay Self Reliance was written in the 19th century by Ralph Waldo Emerson. Emerson was American philosopher and worked out a great number of essays, the most famous of which is Self Reliance. The author focuses his attention to the very important and interesting problem connected with self-independence. He states that one should obey only his own thoughts and intentions and behave according to his own will. Unfortunately, people nearly always fail to follow their instincts and are greatly influenced by conformism.

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People have got used to living in big groups, which possess a certain system of values and have more important and stronger members who rule the society. People who do not possess strong will have to conform to the desires and solutions of the more strong individuals and as a result they live not their but somebody else’s life. Then, Emerson says that people are foolish, because they accept the false values of their contemporaries and all the problems occur because of it. People never think themselves but use stereotypes and stable words appropriate for every situation and pretend they use their own ideas and present their own point of view as though they are wise and clever. The essay has become very popular among the intellectualists of the beginning of the 19th century and even now the book fascinates every reader with deep smart ideas.

Nowadays the ideas of Ralph Waldo Emerson are very popular among young people who oppose the system and try to show they think originally and are not the small pieces of a big puzzle. A well-organized essay should be read attentively to enable students to realize its key points, depth of ideas and revolution of views. It is important to write down important facts from the essay to insert them into the paper and to make the analysis professional and high-quality. Except of the essay itself it is useful to read the interpretations of the book by famous critics who are more experienced than any student and can find more hidden ideas and facts in the background of the essay.

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