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Game theory is the system of methods which help to make the right decisions in different situations. Generally, game theory was created for mathematics as the method to predict certain results in different tasks related with mathematics. Later game theory became used in sports to predict the results of various sport competitions. Even now many people and reputed scholars try to predict the results of the matches on the basis of the calculations, strategies of the playing teams, their chances to win, their manner of playing.

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Game theory is used in the great number of different spheres of human activity. For example, sociology tries to predict various consequences of human activity, like the growth of population, the diversity of population and so on. Politics uses game theory more actively. For example, before the elections political candidates try to detect the probability of their victory comparing to their rivals. Special services predict and count the political statistics, the success of the candidates, their political programs and the results of the polls.

According to the counted numbers the possible result is predicted. Finally, game theory is very popular in economics. Every great company who wants to win the competition with its rivals pays attention to game theory and counts the general situation of other companies.

For example, their profit, expenditures, amount of the resources they require, the number of their staff, their salary, job satisfaction, etc.

Game theory is popular in many spheres of human life and one should be at least aware about it to be considered a well-educated smart person. A good college term paper on game theory is expected to be interesting and well-organized. Students have to read much about game theory to understand its meaning, definition, value and importance for human activity. In order to complete a good term paper it is required to look through vast amounts of materials and realize the principles and structure, methods and types of game theory. In order to understand the topic well, one should analyze the use of game theory in different spheres and see their relation with one another. Students should prove that game theory is right, helps a lot, or, on the contrary its predictions do not have the right for existence being always false. So, the research should be really profound to investigate the problem from its roots.

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