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Smoking is the right of the consumer. If the consumer chooses to smoke, then that choice is non other then the consumer’s. Just like we are entitled to our own opinions, we are entitled to our own rights. Many times, smoking has come up as a huge and involving issue. Compared to this century of having much disagreement, and controversy; in the sixteen hundreds, tobacco was so popular that it was regularly used as money. (http://www.buedu/COHIS) No one now would use such a thing. But since tobacco was such a popular item, and many people around that time, often craved for it, it was a good source of income.

Around 1849, cigarettes became very poplar and in style. ( On the other hand, smoking and tobacco companies have had its twisting and turning. Many people frown upon those who smoke, for the non-smokers find it tasteless and unappealing. As for those who have long since been smoking, they cannot help but continue. Nicotine is a very addictive but yet satisfying activity that is a hard habit to break. Prohibition was the banning of alcohol in the 1920’s and before. Prohibition failed greatly because the addiction to alcohol was so high. Just like prohibition failed, so would banning smoking. Both are an addictive behavior and both would fail to ban. ( Just because someone makes a law, doesn’t mean that its right, and just because it’s a law, doesn’t mean the rest of the world will follow it. There are many who drink, smoke, drive, etc. all under age. All of those acts have laws against them, yet so many choose to ignore those laws and proceed in their life. For an example; Driving is an act that someone is entitled to. Driving such as smoking are both a hazzard. Driving could easily kill someone else, or injure someone else. The government seems not to understand, that it is the consumer’s RIGHT to smoke, just like it is their right to go driving when they need/want to.

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People today seem to be finding more and more effects of secondhand smoke. The portion of the public, whom choose not to smoke, should not have to be exposed to secondhand smoke. Second hand smoke is dangerous but occurs in many public places. Secondhand smoke was found to cause lung cancer by Surgeon General in 1982. ( In 1987, Congress banned smoking on all flights lasting more than two hours because of these high risks it took. Even by 1632, had the United States started to take serious action, by making it illegal (law) to smoke in public places.(

You cannot prove smoking is a harmful activity because you can’t prove a negative. (, Johnson, Jonathan Dallas) Tobacco companies require a lot of workers. They give many jobs to women who cannot find jobs elsewhere. For the many people in this world that have just gotten out of a rehab center for alcoholism etc. many turn to smoking, because it is a very relaxing way to relieve stress or tension.

Back in 1920, a ban on alcohol was attempted. It failed greatly for many found how addictive alcohol is (alcoholics.) Smoking however is just as addictive as alcohol. ( If the government were to try and put a ban on smoking in public areas etc. I highly doubt that anyone that had been smoking for more than one year would stop “cold turkey.” Although smoking has been more accepted in today`s society, there are still very many people that have their strong disagreements about it.

It is the people’s and public’s right to stay smoke- free, especially in public places. Secondhand smoke is harmful and the public is entitled to their safety. It is a proven fact that cigarette smoke accounts for thirty percent of all heart disease deaths.

On the other hand, we know nicotine is in the process of smoking. Nicotine is the leading ingredient that people most often, would think would cause the heart disease and would attack the heart and make you crave more. A proven study was shown that while smoking a cigarette, only a little allows its way into the bloodstream.( “Action on Smoking.”)

While snoring is one of the less complicated and less dangerous effects of smoking, it is still a problem associated with smoking. Many sleepless nights and damaged passage ways for airflow because of the number of cigarettes smoked, is something almost every smoker deals with. Yet, we have all seen the ads in the papers on the television in magazines. Patches, surgery, exercises, positions to sleep in at night, etc.

It is the smokers RIGHT to smoke. If they choose to smoke, then so be it. Non-smokers are not to say whether or not a smoker can smoke or not. It isn’t their body. A woman died at age one hundred twenty- five and smoked up until she was one hundred and twenty- three. A man died at age one hundred and two, from old age, and smoked almost every day of his life, compared to a man fifty years of age, died and never smoked once. If the public has such a problem with passive smoking, then don’t resort to that public place.

There have been many times through out history when smoking has come up as a big issue and, has had up roaring action taken upon, and against the danger of smoking. Many people say, how dangerous it is, yet only know from what they’ve read, seen, or heard. But experience, is how you really find out. People say that the smoking ads for the various types of brands of smoking encourage young adults to smoke, and gain and unhealthy lifestyle. Concluding that this may be the simplest form of conclusion is not so. The smoking ads in reality are ads to entice smokers to switch to their brands. A survey was taken of one hundred and twelve middle school students, and only two out of the hundred and twelve students raised their hand to the question whether or not an ad has ever enticed them to smoke.

Free- choice is a magazine sent out with information from and organization called, Forest. They send out useful information for those who agree that it is the consumer’s choice and right to do what they want to their body. Surveys, documents, general information, etc.  Many smokers depend upon to get their information. The OSH society is a smoking control agency. It relates to people with questions on smoking related topics.

( It can be reached at 470 Buford highway, NE Atlanta, GA 30341-3724. The Cigarette Pack Collectors is a group which follows the tobacco industry trends and gives people a forum or exchanges stories as well as swapping packs. The newsletter is published six times a year. (

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