Strategic Thinking Reflective Essay

Consumerism shapes the new tendencies and opportunities both for customers and businesses with the use of new technologies. They improve the process of the shopping experience and make it convenient and comfortable for the buyer. For instance, the customer cannot find clothes or shoes which fit the best regarding different designs and patterns. Specialists give the decision by developing the innovative application that will perform necessary calculations to find the required size of the dress or jeans. The program uses the framework and performs tasks which are similar to the 3D scanner software. The innovative utility fulfills the intention of modern businesses and satisfies customer needs by assisting them in their trip to the stores. Also, the software includes all important functions, and it works on different gadgets and operations systems like Android, IOS, and macOS. The program has a friendly-user design, and the customer has only to scan the code of the good to see the details and sizes. Their phone or gadget will display all the necessary information on the display. The application will improve purchases from online with an innovative approach. This program will reshape the industry of fashion and commerce by benefiting customers.

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The innovation denotes the progressive idea, and it is essential to evaluate all aspects of the app to show actual benefits and disadvantages. The research suggests both negative and positive concerns of the app that is designed for the end user. If the customer wants to use the app, he or she has to fill in their information and share it with the app. The scanned code from the clothing will provide the data, which the software will process to compare imputed data for finding the best size for the user (O’Brien, Clifford & Southern, 2011). Nevertheless, data and privacy policies remain a contemporary controversy in the United States which concern the shared information with the app. Developers ensure that data management of the app will bring a new era in the technology and clothing industry and reduce the issues related to the privacy and unpleasant experiences.

The app will target a significant share of the clothing industry to involve maximum users including potential ones. The study claims that the software process the simplified process of finding the best fit of clothes, it will reduce the stress and increase time efficiency during the shopping in the mall or online. All the real-time scenarios and risk will be undertaken by the marketing team that will simulate the app in different situations. The service will be tested first before the official release in the market (Krogerus et. al, 2011). The plan considers the run of a test version to help the developers and marketers gain more knowledge about the application to minimize uncertainty among users and calculate the expenses including direct and indirect costs. The trial mode further serves to adapt the commodity or service to the market. The test will provide survey by involving participants to provide the amount of direct expense (Chevallier, 2016). For instance, direct costs will include advertising expenses, sampling, and couponing. Nevertheless, the indirect cost will be incurred by introducing a new idea to the market, if competitors will succeed with an update to a better version.

The results obtained from the survey will help the team in eliminating errors and improving the software to higher standards. The marketing team will also specify the market and analyze why that particular segment uses the service more than other customers in the industry. The app will enhance the marketing team skills in many ways. Since this is a software, the marketing strategies will be different from the policies used when advertising products or other services such as banking (O’Brien, Clifford & Southern, 2011). The marketing team will come up with solutions that will favor the customer’s requirements. The software will enable the advertisement team to come up with better ways of getting the app to the market.

The financial metrics that will be used to determine the success of the software is the Line-of-Business revenue vs. target. This approach will give the administration a comparison between the actual income and forecasted revenue. Furthermore, the evaluation of the two differences will help the firm know the actual performance of the project. Research will be carried on other apps that already exist to facilitate better performance of the app and assume how they have been developed over time to give clients the best services (Krogerus et al., 2011). The idea is a brilliant one because the current world is moving towards high-tech and operations that make life easier. For this reason, the app is more likely to be readily accepted in the market since it is a tool that will help save time, expenses and the trouble people go through at clothing shops. This innovation will bring about a new dawn in the clothing industry by helping clients in big malls, personnel to be efficient and save on spaces created for changing.

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