Argumentative Essay about Tea

It’s common knowledge that each nation has its own peculiarities. The British are well known as tea-lovers. They brought this habit to many countries of the world. The result of the research showed that regular black tea consumption shortens the period of stress. The British, however, admitted it to be obvious long ago. This is why tea is extremely popular in Britain where people have fully enjoyed its positive effect on their health since the moment tea was delivered to Britain.

Recent experiments have proved the positive effect of the British tradition of tea-drinking on human health. This is why I believe that no artificial substitute cannot replace tea since repeated survey showed that those who were given tea, recovered quicker from stresses, than those who drank artificial beverage. Blood of tea-drinkers contained less platelet which actually leads to heart-attacks. On the whole tea-drinkers seemed to feel more relaxed. According to the expert Andrew Steptoe, it is still hard to define what active substances affect people’s state of health. As a result, the positive impact of tea on human health is obvious and British with their historical tradition of tea-drinking are among the world leaders in tea consumption. Consequently, British people naturally benefit greatly from this drink more than any other nation that does not have such strong traditions.

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Moreover, the importance of tea and the advantageous position of British people notable tea-lovers is particularly obvious in the modern fast-moving world. Unquestionably, people nowadays suffer greatly from stressful situation. There always appear to be some problems either at work or at home. People always tried to find effective way out. At the top of exhaustion people start to take medicines, visit psychologists, go info sports and what not. They however forget about simpler ways out. One of them appeared to be tea. So in this way British people recover from depressions and stress.

No wonder that British tea-lovers have lower level of stress since, at average, they drink about 3 or 4 cups of tea a day. Moreover, for all that 98% drink tea with milk that enforces the positive effect of the drink, but only 30% add sugar that may be potentially dangerous for human health. This means that British people do not simply drink a lot of tea but they do it in the right way maximizing its positive effects and minimizing negative ones.

Obviously, they are fully conscious of positive effect of tea that indicates at the fact that British people are real connoisseurs of tea consumption. In this respect, it is worthy of mention that according to English views on culture of tea ceremony, there must be certain choice anytime you are going to drink tea. No matter what time of the day it is, there should always be different kinds of tea available according to personal likes and dislikes. It is a sign of respect to the whole ritual of English tea ceremony. Chosen tea is brewed in special kettle even if it is in bags. It should be brewed for 3-5 minutes to save useful qualities.

English tradition to add milk to tea needs special attention. Milk is an indispensable part of English tea ceremony. It is added to different kinds of Indian and Ceylon tea in order to soften the affect of caffeine and to make tea less tart. There is a cute peculiarity to discuss what should be added first: tea or milk. It is said, that English people have been thinking over it for more than 200 years. Adherents and opponents propose valuable arguments in support of each point of view. Etiquette however admits both variants. Sometimes the English put a slice of lemon or mandarin into the cup of tea. Traditionally English people tend to drink tea with cookies or toasts. Bread, butter or jam is also approved. Anything is possible to be eaten with fragrant tea.

Naturally, it is possible to argue that British traditions of tea-drinking are changing. For instance, nowadays the majority of Englishmen prefer tea-bags. Nevertheless conservative didn’t actually reject kettle-brewed tea. They just put a tea-bag into the kettle instead of leaf-tea. In England such tea is called ‘one-cup-tea’. Adult Englishman tends to drink nearly 6 cups of tea a day. Tea ceremony usually begins early in the morning. At about 6 o’clock the whole England seem to drink usual ‘morning tea’. In hotels it is offered even if you’re still in bed. Strong morning tea helps to get rid of drowsiness, which is especially important in cold cloudy weather at the British Isles. Usual breakfast is also completed by a cup of tea here. Taking into account strength of English tea, the beverage is usually diluted with milk. ‘A nice cup of tea’ is obligatory enjoyed at lunch.

Thus, it is possible to conclude that many people throughout the world are conscious of positive impact of tea on human health, in some countries tea ceremonies became a kind of art but only British people are keen admirers and real connoisseurs of tea that made this drink a part of their everyday life. Nowadays, it is practically unimaginable that British people would abandon their traditions of healthy tea-drinking and gave in their leadership to any other nation in the world.
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