Letter: Challenges of Medical Insurance in the County Government and Possible Solutions

Dear, Governor
I write this letter to you as a government health care worker to highlight the improvement which can be made to ensure advancement in the health sector. I also write to you as a member of the health care research team of the county government to address some of the challenges in progress and advancements in the use of health insurance. These advancements can be made to control the cases that are arising each day due to challenges of health insurance.

The use and adoption of health insurance are becoming the helm of the talk to every county official and the citizens because of its importance in society. Poor health insurance has become a challenge and can be improved by ensuring that the government employs Electronic Health Record systems experts (EHRs). EHRs are used to make adequate and reliable rules and decisions with offerings given by the good track of offers to be made by adoption of the good health insurance system.

Firstly, the sales of health insurance to wealthy county officials are a common challenge facing health insurance. This challenge is because of the personal gains of the health practitioners. It can be reduced by adopting some policies, such as the use of the EHRs, to ensure that there is control in the ambiguity brought forward in the application of the health cover, which favors the wealthy personnel and the top county and government officials. Some government officials are guaranteed to free health care, whereas they are capable of funding themselves.

Secondly, lack of appropriate communication with patients and the people in need of the health cover is becoming a challenge. This challenge manifests when health practitioners communicate with the healthcare consumers using complex medical terms which they do not understand. Therefore, the government should employ more officials who will educate the clients about the adoption of the insurance program and payments and act as translators to the clients to ensure efficacy in the county and national health insurance department.

Finally, another challenge facing the county government insurance system and the destined professionals is the balancing and relationships. The relationship between the most of the health practitioners providing services of health cover and the consumers is poor. However, the challenge can come to a halt if the pressure to sell clients while maintaining long-term relationships is maintained. The consumers in the county healthcare expect that the brokers and some of the trusted agents in the department act as their guides in ensuring that they get the in-depth meaning and the use and adherence of the health insurances. The county government can help the health insurance officials to curb this challenge which is an upcoming issue since the health care insurance and client relationship is reduced. I recommend that the county ensure that there is the introduction of health informatics, which will reduce the dedication of time and the work overload that is gotten from personal connections and commitments.

A variety of tactics can be put in place to ensure that the pressure to sell and apply the insurance policies and services are met at ease while building peaceful relationships into the county business goals and boost the progress and better the services provided in the healthcare system. I recommend that the healthcare workers solve poor client relationships by ensuring that the county provides training to the officials to build a convenient relationship and ensure insurance goals are met, and the insurance officials meet their goals.

Receive many thanks for your time and consideration for our made comments and recommendations. Please contact me for further communication on any clarification of the raised ideas that have been aired out in this letter.
Yours Sincerely,
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