Career Goals Essay for Teachers

Part A
Question One
According to Rousseau, women are generally weak compared to men in the society, hence, the need for providing them with a different kind of education from that of men. As such, Rousseau was one of the strongest anti-feminists who supported the arguments of Emile on the position and ability of women in the diverse societies. Also, based on the discussions of Emile, women are supposed to be taught how to be wives to their husbands and mother to the children. In essence, Rousseau believes that men have more powers than women, thus, the need to only let them access formal education.

Question Two
In his argument, Rousseau argues that the level of understanding and analyzing concepts depends on an individual. As a result, in some cases, parents usually tend to force their children to succeed academically despite showing interest in other sectors. However, Rousseau claims that students that cannot familiarize themselves with class concepts need to be supported to explore their abilities. Additionally, some of the children can better internalize experiences rather than reading from books which seems tiresome. Therefore, Rousseau concludes that there is a need for developing an understanding of the potentials lying behind diverse children concerning their class work.

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Question Three
Dewey is one of the critical persons that aided the invention and development of the current education system applied by a majority of schools. In essence, Dewy believed in the progressive nature of education where he emphasized the issue of active learning by students. As such, based on this approach, teachers are required to involve students to boost their concentration level. Moreover, philosophically, Dewey profoundly believed in the concept of pragmatism which means experiencing events as they happen. Subsequently, Dewey believed students’ interaction with their learning environment is critical in improving performance.

Part B
According to Northrop Frye, being a teacher requires an individual to possess specific special skills that will act as the basis of ensuring good academic performance among students in a given class setting. As a result, the various techniques adopted by different teachers have highly determined students’ success in a particular subject. Conversely, Frye argues that teachers who give the less attention to the strategies they apply in the class end up negatively impacting on the concept of ideas conceptualization. In most cases, Frye claims that teachers should explicitly understand the goals of their career to prevent cases of failure in the diverse subjects. Consequently, this essay paper will seek to discuss the argument by Northrop Frye on the issue of goals of teaching for excellent students’ performance in the class.

Arguably, teachers have different aims while delivering concepts in the classroom despite the setting in question. As such, Frye discusses that each person in the teaching profession should highly be worried about achieving the targets of the career. Also, since the work of teachers can easily be accessed by analyzing students’ performance, there is a need for focusing on attaining the primary goals of teaching. In a classroom, a teacher has the first goal of creating an ample learning environment through being friendly as well as harsh to the students in question. Subsequently, the friendliness of teachers with the children should be limited such that it does not negatively affect their study processes.

Notably, in the education sector, the teacher has the other goal of ensuring the high understanding and conceptualization of the taught concepts in the classroom. In essence, according to Frye, the achievement of such an end requires the integration of the multiple available teaching strategies to accommodate all the available students adequately. Most importantly, when delivering in the class, the attitude exhibited by the teacher intensely impacts on the level of understanding among students.

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