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My most significant experience in working as a part of team occurred when I was a team member of a project for American Stock Exchange. Our team included two members senior to me in grade and experience. Considering my technical capabilities I was assigned the task of improving the performance of our application. I did lot of modification to the modules developed by other members without consulting them. This resulted in knowledge, control & personality clash. Subsequently, to avoid such situations, I always presented my analysis and solution to all the team members with as much information as possible and developed a consensus before forging ahead.

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Being part of a project for Bank Of America, I learnt how detrimental can a team members attitude be for a team and how important it is to have open communication and respect/understand each others differences in resolving all kind of conflicts. One of our team member had an ‘Who cares’ attitude as he very well knew that if anything goes wrong, the whole team will be held responsible and that with this fear other members will make sure that everything is fine.This attitude not only put extra burden on other team members to complete the tasks, but also raised questions in others as ‘Why should we work, when he doesn’t’. It became very critical to change his attitude. To resolve the issues, I started formally circulating the tasks & responsibilities of each member, with each task having time line and degree of quality to be achieved. This ensured greater level of accountability, awakening him that he cannot escape his tasks.

One of the enduring lessons that I have learnt during teamwork is, how to deal with conflict/differences among team members. In teamwork, quite often I have come across key issues/problems which are viewed from different perspective by team members. Understanding/acknowledging the differences, discussing alternative solutions and their consequences, collaboratively finding the best solution is the ideal way to deal with conflict.

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