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McDonald’s has always been a franchising Company and has relied on its franchisees to play a major role in its success. McDonald’s remains committed to franchising as a predominant way of doing business. Approximately 70% of McDonald’s worldwide restaurant businesses are owned and operated by independent businessmen and women.

What does McDonalds do? McDonalds is committed to fast, friendly food services. McDonalds food is of a high standard. The only way McDonalds can keep up with this standard is to continue to make technological advances with there equipment and procedures.

McDonalds Australia has a wide range of food on its menu from burgers to apple pies to cookies.

There service is very friendly ensuring a great McDonalds experience.

Basically McDonalds delivers high quality fast food to over 2, 000, 000 customers per day in Australia alone.

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How does McDonalds effect the Australian economy? Every day McDonalds pulls in millions of dollars, witch is healthy for the Australian economy. 90% of Macdonald’s in Australia are franchised to local people therefore it is nearly a guarantee most of the money turnover is spent in Australia all the food is purchased in Australia and in most cases produce like eggs milk and bread are purchased locally and the fact that Macdonald’s employs so many staff is a plus to any economy.

How the organization operates in relation to research and development:

Since the birth of McDonalds Australia, McDonalds have been the leading fast food industry in the term of research and development, first in the 1970’s McDonalds developed the “Drive through” this was a major development in the fast food industry this break through allowed even more faster speed in serving and a more comfortable McDonalds experience for there customers.

In the 1980’s McDonalds developed there breakfast menu this was a whole new menu available before 10:30am. This was a bonus for fast moving people early in the morning to get a feed on the way to work as there was no other fast food breakfast available at that time.

Then in the 1990’s McDonalds developed the “New taste menu” This was a promise to there customers that there would be a new item on the menu every six weeks and only lasted a limited time of six weeks, they introduced tastes from other countries. What the amazing thing about this is McDonalds did not have to buy any other equipment to cook with, there current equipment was so flexible that they could easily cook a new burger instantly.

The most recent development of McDonalds is the “Salads plus” menu, this consist of two salads a garden & a chicken salad.
A choice of a berry nice yogurt crunch.
A vege burger
And a chicken fold over.

The “Salads plus” menu boosted profits Australia wide by 30%! This is the largest profit increase McDonalds has encountered.

The Equipment:

McDonalds has developed a range of equipment since the very start.
To cook the fries you had to put the fries in the baskets by hand, but McDonalds developed a quick way to do this they invented “Archy” a machine that automatically does this for you.

The grills use to be very had to clean, until they developed a new grill top witch takes 10mins to completely shut down and clean, it use to take 1 hour of hard work.

The deep fryers get very congested with crumbs, they use to be manually clean with a scoop with a “fly wire” material witch took for ever to do but now they have developed the “Filter machine” this is a machine witch sucks all the shortning (Fat as people call it) and filters everything that should not be there, this is a lot quicker and safer.

McDonalds has developed a wide range of cleaning chemicals to suit the cleaning that needs to be done every day from scrubbing floors (Floor care is used) or general stainless steal cleaning (All Purpose Cleaner is used(APC) ) and Grill cleaner chemical is a very strong cleaner witch makes for easy cleaning.

Quality assurance strategies: To ensure the highest quality food is being produced McDonalds has a very good training program which crew trainers take the trainees into the kitchen with a check list and a high understanding about all the work stations and trains the trainee in every detail.

To ensure that the tomatoes are cut perfect every time McDonalds developed the tomato cutter you simply place the tomato in the cutter and push it through the blades and that makes a thin smooth cut every time. It also is a safe device to use.

Just incase a employee makes a mistake there is a person who has high understanding about the food preparation who wraps the burgers but before wrapping the person checks all the burgers for any obvious mistakes or the portion or meat size is up to the McDonalds standard.

Employee working conditions: At McDonalds they supply all safety equipment from wash up gloves to filtering masks to jumpers and coats for freezer work to gum boots for washing up.

McDonalds also has safety procedures to minimize injury. The wires are insulated so no electrocution can’t occur
And McDonalds has a safety committee that is a group of McDonalds employees get together every two weeks to discuss any safety issues that have popped up and how to go about fixing the issue.

McDonalds also has a hazard log book. This is a log book which if you even slip over you must fill this out even if you have a near miss you have to fill this book out. This is done so the safety committee can assess if there is a danger and how to develop a procedure to fix the problem.

McDonalds employees get there own staff toilet which are always kept clean just like the publics.

McDonalds employees also receive a free drink when they are thirsty.

Enviromental management:

McDonalds is very serious about this, they have a very strict recycling method anything recyclable must go in the recycle bin. Everything that McDonalds receives comes in a cardboard box so this means no plastic or very little which is great for the environment because most of there wait is being recycled.

The used shortning (Fat) is not pored down the sink it is put into big 40 gallon drums which then are taken away by the local dump and are disposed of properly.

All the rubbish bags are put into a compactor which then are crushed into one big bag this prevents lots of little bags scattered at the dump.

Recent responses to consumer influences:

The major change in food selection has changed from burgers and chips and a coke to a healthy sandwich and a orange juice. McDonalds noticed this and provided there customers with a salad selection in there menu this is a good step for McDonalds this will help cut down obesity and keep people healthy!

People are always looking for a change so McDonalds developed the new taste menu which gives there customers a new taste to try every six weeks!

All kids love toys so to make them happy while they are at McDonalds they developed the happy meal, this is a meal which supplies kids with a toy to play with and some fun activities on the box.

Old people often wine about how cheap food use to be and how they could get a ice cream for 40 cents so McDonalds developed the 40 cent ice cream cone this is a cheap very nice treat!

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