The Rocking Horse Winner Essay

D. H. Lawrence’s story The Rocking Horse Winner has made a great impression on me. From the very first pages we see how mother repeats her son that only lucky people can earn a lot of money. Paul, a little boy, rides the rocking horse in order to get money and make his mother happy. Paul’s mother is obsessed by her will to be rich and the phrase “there must be more money” we see in the story at least ten times. All mother’s conversations are connected with money and it is obvious that her children are greatly influenced by her obsession. Paul believes that he is lucky and starts earning money. It is a kind of a paradox but Paul’s family is not poor at all, however, mother’s constant complains make the whole family feel as though they were poor

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At the very beginning Paul’s mother states that she loves her children but later we see that see loves only money and worries only about it. Paul’s mother constant remarks and complains make Paul ride his rocking horse till he dies. Greed, selfishness and obsession with money are the vices that can lead to terrible consequences and Paul’s mother is a bright illustration of it.

I have made an interesting discovery after reading the book. I found out that children unconsciously follow all their mother’s wishes even though these wishes are destructive. Children always treat their mothers as something divine and holy. Girls want to be like their mothers and boys want to do everything to make their mothers pleased. Having such a power over children mothers must be conscious of their every step and be a perfect example for their children. In the book we see how mother’s unlimited influence leads to the terrible consequence – death of her son. Now I understand that mother’s every word and even gesture can be of great importance for her children and it is a great responsibility to be a mother. Selfishness and motherhood are, in fact, two oppositions which must never co-exist in one person. In other way, children will pay for their mother’s faults.

Paul’s mother makes him believe that he is lucky stating all the time that his father was unlucky and that is why they do not have money now. Her son does his best in order to meet her expectations. Paul uses the rocking horse as a way to get money in the horse races. Paul rides his horse till he is sure which one wins at races. Then he will ask a young gardener, Bassert, to place his bet on the horse that would win. It is possible to make an association between Paul and his rocking horse because they both never lose. In the end, Paul not knowing what horse will win this race rides his horse wildly till he falls unconsciously to the ground and dies in three days. Paul symbolizes how his mother’s perverted wishes and obsession with money can torture her son to death.
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