Empathy Mission Statement

Toys are a treasure for toddlers. They play with them, learn problem-solving skills, and explore object permanence as they grow. Moreover, playing with toys marks an essential physical activity, which aids in children’s growth. Inaccessibility of these equipment causes frustration among toddlers, particularly when sharing is involved. Therefore, it is important for youngsters to have toys. Nevertheless, the toys are bought and may be expensive, such that parents cannot afford them.

A Stroll In The Neighborhood
This particular evening I was strolling around our area of residence. Abruptly, my attention was caught by a sharp screams, which threatened to break glass. Hurriedly, I rushed to the scene to check what was happening. To my surprise, I found a group of children standing, with one of them, aged about two years throwing herself in the aisle. After about ten minutes, she began to wildly kick the house wall for about for another eight or so minutes. All of this time, I remained numb wondering what could happen next. Finally, I gathered courage to intervene. “What is happening to her?” I asked, as I tried to lift the young girl who wailed the more. No sooner had I received the response than another one among them began screaming and tugging his toy into his low abdomen. I turned to the boy and asked, “Why are you doing that?” Immediately, he stopped crying, and gave me a mean face. Doubtlessly, I could tell that the issue emanated from the toy.

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I patted on the back of one of the children who seemed interested to answer. His response was: “Davinah was playing with the toy when Jones snatched it from her. He stammered a little, “Jones said that he will not give us his toys any other day”. Said the frustrated boy. At this time, while Davinah was calm and silent, Jones seemed infuriated, but remorseful. He now held the toy in his hands, and when I looked at him, he stretched his arm, handing it over to me. “Jones, why would not you allow your friends play with your toy? Don’t you love them?” I asked. Hesitantly, he said: “once I give them, they overstay with it until I do not have enough time with it”. “It’s not true! We take it after he is through with playing,” one of the boys interjected. “He took it because he lost the game.” Said Davinah.

From these responses, I clearly understood the feeling experienced by Jones, as I related the incident to an encounter I had during my childhood. One afternoon, Michael and his mother visited our home. As the parents kept busy with their talks, they suggested we do our games. My mother insisted that I should get the toy cars and do race games, which I did. We played fairly and satisfactorily for approximately twenty minutes that the parents almost forgot about the existence of children in the house. However, things started getting different when Michael won four games in a row. I felt defeated and began contemplating how I would stop him. Nonetheless, to him, the game seemed more interesting than before, which made me angrier. I helplessly watched him proceed to the fifth game, and it dawned on me that he may not even stop at that.

I could not withstand this defeat, it was too much. When Michael was least expecting, I grabbed the toy and sat on it without saying a word. He forcefully pushed me to the couch; this attracted the attention of our mothers. I burst into tears and yelled at the top of my lungs, as my playmate looked at me confused. Michael’s mother threatened his son of losing friends if he continued hurting them; her comments made me happy. However, the boy was too quick to explain himself, which made me bitter. My mother gave me a gesture that indicated her disappointment, and this hurt me the more. Instantly, I went to the table and tossed a bowl of pretzels and fish crackers onto the floor. As I flashbacked this incident, I developed empathy for children whose parents cannot afford toys. Such youngsters are forced to borrow from their friends, which at times, results in fights. Consequently, I purposed to give toys to children coming from less-fortunate households, as well as start a gaming center to teach them how to associate with each other when playing.

This point marked the end of my strolling. “who doesn’t have a toy at home?”, I asked Davinah and her friends. Four of them raised their hands. Luckily, I knew I could get about six toys, which belonged to my younger sibling. I was assured that she wouldn’t mind if I gave them out, after all, she was all grown. “Who would accompany me home? I have a surprise for them?” They all happily agreed. On getting home, I found my father, “hey darling, where have you been all this long?” he questioned. “I have been with these little ones, we’ve been working on a mission,” I replied. “All right!! We wish to see a great one”, said my father. I informed him of the intentions to give out the toys, which he freely allowed. I escorted the children and returned home immediately.

Empathy Bears Fruits
“Dad, I’m setting up a charity toy project.” I said. “Wow! That’s a brilliant idea, what is it about?” .he replied. I narrated to him what had transpired with the children, and he was convinced that it would be a good and exciting program. “But where would you get the finances?” he was concerned. “My pocket money dad”. He looked at me amused, and asked “How long will that take you to collect enough funds for the project?” I scratched my head and replied, “Three or four months”. “I have an idea”. He said. “How about if you printed cards indicating your mission and go to the neighborhood requesting for their old toys”. “That’s perfect!” I thought. He promised to assist me to prepare the banners and seek the necessary permits. Besides, he offered me one of the rooms in the house for conducting my gaming sessions.

We embarked on the task immediately. I managed to gather different types of toys and attract several children from our area who have then invited their friends. Since the toys are not enough for all of them, I direct them on how to share. Moreover, I encouraged them to play in turns while we timed the watch to ensure the absence of undesirable incidents; such as those caused by losing games. Thus, children enjoyed the games, as frustrations rates were always minimal.

The empathetic feeling has seen me become passionate about youngsters besides their games and toys. Consequently, I’m actively engaged in the development of sporting among children, as well as their growth. The experience is quite satisfying since it triggered yearn for an initiative I would love to pursue in the future.

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