Universal Design for Learning Essay

The exact statistics of deaf and hard of hearing people in the USA doesn’t exist, because there is no accurate criterion of an assessment, that can define from what moment of life a person is considered as the deaf. Public health ministry reported that there are about three deaf people among one thousand. If the people with major damage of ear are taken into account, than there are about 140 deaf and hard of hearing people among one thousand people.

The deaf students in relation to hearing ones are in the other conditions. Aurally they can’t perceive oral speech. Therefore, it is necessary to create conditions, which have to correspond exactly to deaf students’ nature. First of all these students have to be provided with universal design for learning.

Universal design for learning is a number of the principles for curriculum development, due to which all people have equal opportunities to study. With the help of UDL the educational methods, materials, training evaluations and learning needs, which correspond to flexible approaches to person with his/her individual needs, are created. Which criteria for selection of universal design for learning are the most suitable for deaf students?

Three methods of learning of deaf students exist. There are mimic method, sound or method of purely oral speech and mixed method. Due to these methods the different curriculums of learning of deaf students can be chosen and they are depended on many criteria.

Today in most cases student with disabilities study in the boarding schools. Students are in a school within a week and parents can communicate with them on the days off. The advantage is that the student with a hearing disorder is constantly in system of special educational process. Experts create conditions, which compensate the defects of the deaf and hard of hearing students. Teachers using sign language translation teach students by means of such auxiliary forms of the speech as written, tactile (the manual alphabet) and oral. What curriculum has to be developed for deaf students?

In recent times schools of the combined conditions and schools with the integrated learning became to appear. The combined education and learning of hearing and hard of hearing or deaf students are provided in these schools. The teaching staff chooses the method and curriculum for education and learning of deaf students.

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