Argumentative Essay on Abortion

is the artificial stop of pregnancy when the woman refuses to has a child or when the pregnancy can cause harm to the woman’s life. Abortion is quite a controversial topic for the discussion, because different groups of people have the different attitude towards the procedure.

Abortion has been practised since the dawn of the human civilization but years ago the operation was dangerous and could kill the woman. Nowadays abortion is not a dangerous procedure and sometimes it is the only way to save the woman’s life when she is pregnant.

From the point of view of the opponents of abortion, the procedure should be banned, because from the ethical point of view the woman must not kill her child and her duty is to give birth to the new life. Most of the opponents against abortion rely on the religious views and sacred books which claim that abortion is a negative action.

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As a result many groups of people with the traditional worldview treat abortion negatively.

The supporters of abortion on the contrary support the procedure, because if the young couple is not ready to have a child, they have the right to get rid of it, because they will not be able to bring him up in the right way. Moreover, if there is a risk that the child will have the certain diseases and serious disorders, it will be more humane to conduct abortion. Finally, the most obvious reason of abortion is the risk to the mother’s life.

Abortion is probably the most controversial topic for the research paper and the student is able to observe the problem from all sides and complete a quality argumentative essay which would present a full picture of the pros and cons towards the issue on abortion. The student is obliged to prove his own point of view relying on the trustworthy evidence and arguments found in the reliable sources. The aim of the argumentative essay is to analyze the problem on abortion in detail and find out about the pluses and minuses of this operation and its impact on the woman’s health. The conclusion of the essay should evaluate the problem objectively and provide the reader with the space for suggestion.

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