University of California Admission Essay

I think that applying to the University of California is a step to very important stage of my life. I sincerely hope that my purposes correspond with requirements of this institution.

Let me introduce myself. I was born in Hong Kong. I have a wonderful family and all of its members are worthy to be admired of. I moved to United States six years ago when I was fourteen years old. I love this country, its vivid culture, nice people, and independent mentality. I feel a great potential to develop here. I would enjoy studying and working here as any common citizen of the United States.

My major is Economics and Business. I was extremely interested in these fields from my childhood. I became keen on business since my grandfather impressed me with his own example. He owns an electronic company that operates for more than twenty years on the market already. Thus I have a goal for now to justify my grandfather’s expectations and develop my business talent.

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During my high school years I was trying to get as much experience in economics as I only could. For instance, I participated in the school project Quest. Its purpose was to involve students in activities that help practicing real business situations. Among other exercises within this project I participated in Tri-City Homeless Coalition to donate toothpaste, toothbrushes, and floss; and went to Steven Millard Elementary School to do a presentation about the importance of dental care. For these activities I have earned a community service certificate from Tri-City Homeless Coalition and thank-you letter from Steven Millard Elementary School respectively. From the Quest experience I have learnt to work both in team and independently, and gained major analytical and creative skills very helpful in business.

Besides business, I am very fond of sports. I participated in school jogging and table tennis teams in Hong Kong. I earned two gold medals for the 400-meter relay and a silver medal for my table-tennis team. I also participated in badminton team in high school. Besides, I took part in 2005 Golden Guardian Terrorism Exercise (a volunteer exercise to help Fire Department to prepare for terrorist threat) and got a certificate from the Fremont Fire Department. I enjoy sports and I hope this inclination will appear useful both in my university study and future life.

I would also like to tell that study at the University of California has been one of my biggest dreams. My aunt and uncle were both graduated from University of California. My cousins are currently studying in UC Berkeley and University of Southern California. I mentioned already that my family members make good examples for me to follow. Therefore, I would be proud to study in this high-level institution in order to become a professional in business and economics. And I will do my best to make University proud of me as well.
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