Free Essay on Violence in America

Stop and consider how many people are killed, lives that are destructed, or loved ones stolen away due to violence. In modern day America, violence has reached epidemic proportions. Violence changes the ways that Americans live their lives, the way they act, talk, and even think. These problems with aggression and fighting is not only limited to America, but also branches out across the world, to places such as England, Germany, and other parts of Europe. In the United States of America there are various ways that violence should be remedied, or at least slightly subdued, which should be implemented. The American people should stop watching television or shopping, and instead look at the statistics of violence that is ruining the American society. Violence should not be tolerated in a country where people are civilized. Americans should stop allowing their thoughts to be controlled by hateful acts of violence, countries abroad should cease violence in their own cultures, and the world should find ways to remedy these horrible crimes.

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From the young to the elderly, violence changes the way Americans may act and view their lives. Children are now afraid to go to school, in fear that something may happen to them, friends, or teachers while there. Proving this, stated, ‘Twenty-nine percent of elementary, 34 percent of middle/junior high school students… said they worried about becoming victims at school. [NCES, Student Victimization at School, October 1995]’. In addition, parents may be afraid to send their children to school due to these horrible facts, therefore damaging their education.

Women, children, and elderly people may not walk down the street due to fear of being robbed, hurt, raped, or carried away in the middle of the night. Also, every news show displays the mass amounts of hate and violence that occurs down the street from where we live, or across the nation. With some much violence on the earth, these acts are being more accepted to the public worldwide.

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