W. Edward Deming Essay

A Guru was originally a mystical teacher, to whom people went to have their “thinking” and their transformed, through time the word came to be used for any thinker or teacher who introduced transforming ideas. The introduction of quality as a management practice has brought its own system of thinking and share of gurus. More recently, this gurus approaches have been developed and been used for many organization. However, the gurus have their own different approaches and their strength and weaknesses. Therefore, to understand the origins of TQM, it is important to understand the contribution from these quality pioneers and their strength and weaknesses. W. Edward Deming has been credited as the major influence in the transformation of the Japanese economy, from the low of the 1950s, to the world class producers of today, therefore, he was considered in Japan to be the father of quality control, asserted that quality start with top management and is a strategic activity.

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Deming defined quality is a predictable degree of uniformity and dependability at low cost and suited to the market, Deming the systematic approach to problem solving was encouraging manager to focus on variability and understanding the different between special causes and common causes, the special causes can often be easily identify and solved by local operators, however, common causes, although identifiable by operators, required management authority to eliminate them and reduce variability by continuous improvement such as cease mass inspection. As early 1950s, Deming taught, The consumer is the most important rather than just meeting their needs. To help management create a transformation and become “obsessed with quality”, Deming produced fourteen points for discussion within organization. Deming also stated the statistical methods of quality is continuous to reduced variation through eliminate goals without methods. The cost of quality, there is no optimum, the quality is continuous improvement, due to the inspection too late, sampling allows defects to enter system, and statistical evidence and control charts are required. The strengths of Deming approaches used by Deming are, Deming provide a systematic and functional logic that identifies stages in quality improvement, due to he emphasized the need for statistical control methods, participation, education, openness and purposeful improvement. Another strengths of the approach used by Deming are regarding the stresses that management comes before he technology start. Beside that, the leadership and motivation are recognized as important of quality, because the leadership reviewing the management structure, and identifying the critical success factors and critical processes. Such as he was used the concept developed by Dr Shewhart and etc. And Deming have been emphasized and recognizes the different context between Japan and North American since Deming was started to un courses to broadcast the methods to engineers, designer in the US and Canada, after that he was sent to Japan as an adviser to the Japan Census.

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