Motivation for Education Essay

The majority of students and pupils suffer from everyday duties created by their parents, teachers, classmates, or themselves. World of studying is quite cruel about those who force themselves to face and struggle with issues which somewhat burden lives. Students tend to be startled and prefer to words of older people because of their experience and wisdom. Therefore, most of the learners desperately try to follow dreams of parents, instructions of teachers, and fictitious competitions between other students to win the unreal race to see who first will hate everything and can do more harm to himself/herself than others.

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It sometimes seems that in comparison to adults, students face more challenges in their lives and feel more obliged. From the psychological view, parents unconsciously have an intention to realize their unfulfilled plans and ideas through children. However, kids do not need tons of money, but simple words or actions of support to carry their true dreams into the future. American writer and teacher William Zinsser wrote an amazing article where he recounted all the consequences of misunderstanding between parents and children. “Zinsser focuses on four different kinds of pressures that can have a negative affect on college students: economic pressure, parental pressure, peer pressure, and self-induced pressure” (Borger). As a result, a lot of gifted artists, writers, or singers disappear in the libraries because father supposes these professions to be dumb.

On the contrary, there is a Fremount High School, which do not give 24/7 access to libraries and free choice of more than 1,000 courses. Students here are limited in knowledge and simple facilities, such as clean bathrooms, restrooms, or ventilation system. Because of closed libraries, pupils cannot finish courses successfully and leave the establishment before receiving a diploma. “It hurts to hear what those students face on a daily basis” (“Fremount High School Jonathan Kozol”). Compared to the article by Zinsser, students there have all conveniences, but create so many problems with studying while learners in Fremount High School have no enough time to eat, no clean toilets, and are taught in hot rooms. As tendency shows, learners with a lack of facilities commonly strive to study and get to know new subjects. In contrast, those who have access to any direction want to refuse to deal with it.

The problem could lie in a simple and not interesting approach of teachers. If they are not interested in educating, students will never be motivated on their own as a studying process must consist of the desire of both. A former teacher, John Holt recognized that traditional approaches of teaching are foolish as pupils begin to hate the subject having no diversity. He assumed that “reading would be a more enjoyable experience for children if parents and teachers allowed children to read stories that interest them” (“A Response to “How Teachers Make Children Hate Reading”). Holt is not against using interpret vocabularies, but he suggests that it is not so crucial as more teachers present it. Compulsion do not guarantee enrichment of vocabulary as children should struggle over themselves that is a loss at once.

On the whole, parents should be more understanding and rely not only on their view of this world but also on sincere desires of kids. Children should appreciate total access to knowledge and told that someone does not have ventilation in the room but still is eager to study. Concerning teachers, an effective educating concludes in a professional combination of different approaches to grasp the interest of student immediately and keep till the lesson’s end.

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