Essay on Water Innovation

Global warming has caused drastic changes in the water cycles which has forced the need to have other ways to water innovate in order to counter the current challenges that are cropping up. According to (Spinks, 2019) 1.2 billion people are in need of water since their water towers are drying up which has forced many to seek other ways to deal with water scarcity. The Sorek desalination project is aimed at ensuring that increasing water to its residents. It is the largest in the world and it uses the seawater reverse osmosis process and feeds to the national grid. The Sorek desalination main aim is also to increase the production of water both for domestic and drinking use. There are many countries that are surrounded by coastal lines however they have not thought of making this into use however if well used this can benefit many citizens and also it will save countries use sums of money that they use in transportation as lack of water has also caused political instability in other countries.

Desalination technology
This is a process which involves in removing any components that are impure in water such us salt and also making the water suitable for everyone. This process is only achieved through the incorporation of crystallization, evaporation, multi-effect distillation, Nano filtration, and reverse osmosis. The coastal sea water can be purified and made into well use for those who live around the water body. (Liu, Wang & Sun, 2016) states that the salty water if purified can be turned into fresh water which can be used by the local residents and also for irrigation purposes which is good for their food production. This also will ensure that those who live within the coastal lines do not lack water as it will available and also they don’t need to get water from other areas as the water will be readily available for them to use in their daily activities.

Sorek (desalination) components
The main component is the use of seawater reverse osmosis process which is achieved through having an intake system, which also includes seawater pumping and pipes which are interconnected (Abualtayef, Al-Najjar, Qahman & Alnajjar, 2019). The intake system comprises of the brine outfall and offshore seawater pipelines which are placed with a system that enables the taking in of the water plant the way it is meant to be.

Innovating water through the desalination will help end water scarcity which is a major challenge to many people across the world. Those countries with coastal lines can embrace this technology and make it adequate for their residents as it will solve the major problems that are being faced by most communities (“Bluewater Bio completes acquisition of Water Innovate”, 2010). This is also able to recover the energies from the major membrane process and thus this reduces the operating costs and footprints. This technology has been proved in most countries and it has ended up solving their major challenges that are being faced the major technologies used according to (“Seawater Desalination”, 2019) include Reverse osmosis (RO) seawater desalination, Multiple-effect distillation (MED), Multi-stage flash (MSF) and Hybrid systems (reverse osmosis and thermal seawater desalination).

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