Essay: Why Am I Writing

From time to time, each writer arouses such questions as, „Why am I writing? For whom?” The matter is a person knows only those feelings which were the results of his/her sensuous experience. Rational knowledge is superficial. The person should feel in order to know something. However, what should the person do if nothing happens in his/her life? How the person can feel something new in the routine life especially if he/she is alone in this life. Perhaps, they can fill the empty space in their souls only through the art.

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The phenomenon of art allows a person to know what belongs to others through his/her own sensual experience. The art forcing people to feel another’s pain as well as pleasure. In fact, namely, the art makes a person to be individual. Namely, art distinguishes people from animals; the great art that can elevate us to another’s suffering. Art is a unique way of communication, allowing get sensual experience of another person through the own one.

For whom do we write? The answer seems obvious to the readers. Well, if not for the readers, then for publishers who are going to benefit from selling the fruit of our labor. Both these views are correct, but only partly because the main motivation of creativity is the author’s inner need to express himself/herself. First and foremost, we are writing for ourselves, exercising our imagination, investing our thoughts, knowledge, experience, feelings, and, of course, talent in the text. If all mentioned components are valued, original, and entertaining then we will achieve a success.

Thirst for creativity is based on the fantasy, the desire to immerse ourselves in another world which is not similar to our usual life, to live a different life, to taste of all the joys and sorrows that we have not given by destiny. Who is a writer in the fictional world? Surly, he is a „God”, the Creator, because an imaginary universe created by his/her own thought and expression. It might be a world of magic, witches, dragons, and beautiful princesses, or almost documentary cast of our reality. „A writer is God to the people in a story, he made them up just like God made us up” (cited in Knight, 2006). Everything depends on the writer. It is a great temptation to become the Creator of the own world! Those who succumbed to this temptation are real writers (Swan, 2000, p.3).

However, in this Universe writer is not only the „God”, the manager of human destiny, he is also the main character, the charming heroine, the gallant soldier, the villain, the timid man, and any passerby who only says a couple of words. The writer is both the Creator and each his/her creation, as the imaginary world is, in fact, one-man show, where all the roles performed by the author. He is also a director, artist, costumier because, besides people in the world, there are cities, the decorations of homes, natural landscapes, sunrises, sunsets, rains and storms, and all these things should be put in their places appropriately.

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