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One of the smoothest sports that can be played is basketball. Basketball consisted of many different positions like 2 forwards, 2 shooting guards, a point guard, and a center that makes a team. A jazz band is also like a basketball team in many ways. A jazz band has many different instruments that can be compared to a basketball team. The instruments can be compared to a team because every complete jazz band has trumpets, saxophones, and clarinets that can represent the player at the top of the key. Also, the band has all the basses, and trombones that could represent the player down low. The most important instrument would be the drums that would represent the point guard, who leads the team. Playing basketball for a team is like playing in a jazz band because it’s very exciting.

The looks of a basketball team is very important for a team performance. The looks of a team includes on how they move the ball from end to end of the court, how the pass the ball, how they perform as a team, and how they shoot the ball. In order for a team to look good they must be able to run the floor without going tried. While running up and down the court they must be able to play hard defense. On offense they must be able to make nice sharp passes in order not to get a turnover.

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Also, the team must be able to shoot in order to look good for there fans. Next, a team must have a type of chemistry between each other for better communication. Communication is vital because it allow the team to be more focus which helps them make better decisions. But, looks are also important for a jazz band for the performance. In order for a jazz band to look good they must be able to make smooth transition in the music, keep full energy while playing and all the instrument must be in tunes with each other with playing. A jazz band must be able to make smooth transition from measure to measure in order for them to look and perform well. For example the band must be able to go from a nice fast swinging beat to a nice smooth beat in a matter of two measures.

Second, the band must be full of energy especially the wind section. The wind or brass section consists of the trumpets, trombones, saxophones, and clarinet that make up half of a jazz band. Most of the energy lies in the hands of the drummer which usually slow or speeds up things in the band. In return the rest of the band feeds off the energy provided by each other and the drummer giving them a good exciting performance. Third, in order for the band to look good they must be able to sound good. In order for them to song good all of the instrument must be in tune with each other. For example the whole band must play their B flat on their instrument before and performance to get in tune.

Therefore, a jazz band and a basketball team are very alike on how they look at a performance.

Every Basketball team has a coach to help guide them through a basketball game. Usually the coach control the tempo of the game by giving his player special plays to control the game. Also he subs different player in and out the game according to the type of game that is being played. For example if it’s a hard played fast tempo game he might put in one his more aggressive and relax players in to try to slow the tempo down some. Next, he can also be the most moody person on the floor on changes of events. A coach can be in a semi relax mood and with a bad call against his team he can become the most aggressive person on the floor. But, a jazz band is lead by and conductor which control the tempo of the band. The conductor is very important to the band in many different ways.

The conductor always gives the band the tempo of the song before they actually started playing. This gives the band an idea on how fast the song would be played in the performance. During the performance he queue different instruments in and out the songs. Like if the drums, trombones, clarinets, and trumpets started the song playing, and the saxophones had rest in the beginning he would queue them in when it’s their time.

The conductor is also very moody because he can go to a nice, smooth, and relaxing to a swinging, fast, and dancing mood in a matter of a measure. Therefore, the conductor gives you many qualities of a basketball coach doing to game.

The performance of a basketball team is very important to a team. The team that gives their best performance usually draws a bigger crowd of fans to their game. Fans like this because they know that the game will be very exciting and well played. This will begin in more money for the franchise to better help their futility. But, the performance of a jazz band is very important. The performance is important because the better the show is the more people will attend the concert. This will result in more people beginning and donating money to the band. With the money that the band begins in they will the able to buy better material like amps, and microphones to better the band. Therefore, the performance of a jazz band and a basketball team is very similar.

In conclusion playing for basketball team is like playing for a jazz band it’s very exciting.

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