Free Research Proposal on Binge Drinking

Lately the research proposal topic of binge drinking among college and university students has attracted a lot of attention. “Binge drinking is the consumption of at least five or more drinks in a row for men, and four or more drinks in a row for women,” according to the Journal of American College Health. (p.23)

A major cause of college binge drinking is the fact that under aged young adults are introduced to college life and are out on their own for the first time without any parental supervision. Normally the average American young adult graduates high school at seventeen or eighteen years of age. These young adults then apply for college to attend fall semester at a college or university of their choice.

These students usually take up residency in a dorm room on campus with another newly enrolled student, along with approximately 200 other enrolling freshmen who are about eighteen years old. This is a dangerous mixture of under-aged adults with out a mom or dad telling them how to run their free time.

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Another major factor would be the mixing of under age college students with students of legal drinking age. This situation occurs when a freshman resides in a sorority or fraternity house, historically known for drinking and party habits. The mixing of students that vary in age also comes when attending class. These older students frequently invite younger students to “party.”

Although the older students have lived the college life for two or more years, they have only been out on their own for a short while. The majority of them are still enjoying the “college night life” that often includes heavy alcohol consumption.

Drinking traditions and college customs are also contributors to the growing problem of college binge drinking. Traditions that have been practiced for years are large factors in drinking problems among college students. Most of these traditions were rooted in an era when the government had much more lenient drinking laws for college age students.

The choice of college with a past history of heavy campus drinking when enrolling is a factor that should be looked at. Many colleges are known for less studying by students and attending more social gatherings that include great amounts of alcohol. This is a factor that can be determined by conducting research before applying at any college or university.

Community availability is also an issue concerning college age binge drinking. This includes the alcohol environment on campus and in the surrounding community. Community availability is evidenced by the fact that many colleges are surrounded by a ring of bars and other alcohol outlets. These alcohol sources provide special promotions, and low-prices. Students are constantly bombarded by the advertising promotions presented, both on and off campus.

Binge drinking among college students can be lessened by analyzing problems arising from alcohol use and giving solutions to these problems that are closely associated with binge drinking. To lessen the effects that college “party life,” has on new and old college students, new regulations should be applied and enforced by college representatives.

Alumni should supervise traditions that may involve alcohol. If there’s an event with unsanctioned alcohol use on campus, severe consequences should be excised. Thus giving the college or University a no tolerance policy.

In applying to a college, the parents along with students should review its reputation. They should Asking questions like: What is the college/university’s stand on alcohol consumption? How will this college provide for my academic needs in achieving my career? What are the other enrolled students goals? What is the reputation of this college or university? Will there be safe social activities? What is the quality of education vs. social-event reputation?

Binge drinking kills more than a few hundred college students a year. Violent crimes such as rape and assault can also be linked with college alcohol abuse. This is a concern that should be acknowledged by students, parents and colleges/ universities.

Alcohol consumption among college students is a problem that cannot be solved entirely. I believe college and university awareness programs and campus regulations that are enforced can lessen the incidence of binge drinking among students on college campuses.

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