Bioinformatics Research Proposal

is the set of the methods and techniques which include the mathematical methods of the computer analysis; creation of the algorithms and software used for the prediction of the structure of proteins; research of the strategies of the management of the biological systems.

Bioinformatics uses the methods of the applied mathematics, statistics and information technologies. Bioinformatics is applied in the research in chemistry, physics, ecology and other studies. The history of bioinformatics is obviously quite short, because the development of the methodology depends directly on the development of the computer technologies. So, in the 1970-ies appeared the idea to use the computer technologies for the study of the informational processes in the biological systems. The first examples of the use of the methods of bioinformatics are connected with the study of the behavioural peculiarities of the complex systems of organisms.

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Bioinformatics is connected with the creation and technical organization of the databases used for the storage of information about the biological systems. The major purpose of the activity of bioinformatics is to understand the complicated biological processes of all kinds. The main peculiarity and difference between the other methods and approaches is that bioinformatics uses the mathematical methods and counting in order to reach its aim and understand the biological processes. In addition, it can make special projects, visualize the information, count, predict, create models acting the definite situations observing the problem from all possible sides. Bioinformatics covers the issues on genetics, evolution, behaviour, biological variety, etc.

Bioinformatics is the interesting and effective methodology of the study of the biological processes and it should be developed further. If the student is really interested in the issues of bioinformatics and has fresh ideas concerning the field of its research, he can try to convince the professor in the quality of the topic and suggest a research proposal on bioinformatics. The major requirement of such a paper is to explain the importance of bioinformatics, presentation of its methodology, success and failure and prove that it can contribute into the understanding of the biological processes greatly. It is wise to share the literature used for the research and reveal the methods used for the research and the list of the questions which require answers.

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