Optical Communication Research Proposal

Optical communication is the way of communication which is carried out with the help of light. Optical communication is probably one of the oldest means of distance communication, because before the discovery of electricity people still required to communicate with one another on long distances. Of course, the quality of such communication was poor, but still it existed and provided people with the important information.

The earliest forms of optical communication are connected with the use of big torches, smoke fires, flags, lamps, etc. Every country which wanted to maintain the protection of its lands from various conquerors developed a special chain of the “devices” which belong to the means of optical communication. The brightest example of such a chain is the use of fires along the boarders and human settlements to inform the nearest settlements about the attack of the enemy.

Every fire was situated in the distance of several kilometres from one another on the hill and the special people fired these big torches which are seen from long distances.

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So, it was possible to deliver the information very rapidly even if the distance if very big.

Alongside with the simple optical means of communication a special electronic device was invented in 1880 and it is called a photophone. Photophone provided the participants of communication to speak at the distance of more than 200 metres, though the weak side of the device was its problematic use at gloomy and rainy weather when there is not enough light. The most popular optical means of communication which is used even now in marine is the signal lamp which transmits the certain codes (for example, Morse code) which can be understood only by the experts in this sphere.

Optical communication is the type of communication which is characterized with the use of light for the transmission of information. When the student is interested in the analysis of the problem on optical communication, he is able to prepare a detailed research proposal which will reveal the problem from all possible sides. One should pay attention to the points and questions which require analysis and design the methods which will be suitable for the investigation of the matter. One should bear in mind that a good proposal will need to be informative and persuasive in order to attract the teacher’s attention.

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