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Students who have decided to investigate the topic of domestic violence will make a considerable job; if they manage to create a detailed well-analyzed paper and carry it to the reader in such a way that he will realize the topic is really stressing and needs good solutions. But before writing a research students have to impress and convince their professor that the topic is worth research. In order to do it students read dozens of free examples of research proposals on domestic violence to know how a good proposal should look like.

Domestic violence is known also as domestic abuse. It has always been widespread in the whole world and concerned women and children, because centuries ago women did not have rights and a husband often practised physical and emotional abuse to control his wife. Unfortunately, the problem exists even now, even in well-developed democratic countries.

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Domestic violence is mostly caused by the impact of alcohol and drugs. When a husband is drunk, very often he is aggressive towards his wife and children and the whole family suffers from it. A good way out from such a situation is a divorce but in many countries, mostly Asian ones, divorce is not practised. The problem of domestic violence is especially harmful for children who are afraid their aggressive parent and later remember their childhood as lost tragic years of life.

A successful research proposal on domestic violence should be emotional, informative and logical. First of all present the historical evidence of the existence of domestic abuse; then, provide modern situation of the problem. It is an advantage if you present the ways of domestic violence and provide a description of its impact on the family, children, their psychological condition. Your may concentrate on the problem of a couple and present a research proposal on domestic violence against women as they are the major victims of abuse. If you want to provide more valuable facts, which emphasize the importance of the problem – write a research proposal on domestic violence against children. In the end prepare a methodology chapter and list of tips and advice how to defeat the problem of family violence once for all.

Planning to write an informative research proposal one should be already aware of the topic. Read various literary sources which describe the problem of domestic violence and insert this data into your paper. Quite helpful will be free samples of research proposals on domestic violence in the web prepared by professional writers. It will be at hand, if you do not know how information should be analyzed properly and how to present the evidence and ideas in a good logical order.

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