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If you have decided to prepare a good research proposal on education, you will have to write a logical research proposal at first. Research proposal on education is a real challenge for every student, because it is not easy to write a brief plan of the whole investigation and include every essential question and point into it in such a way that it remains informative, logical and valuable. No wonder that students often take advantage of the samples of research proposals on education trying to be on the safe side.

Education has always been one of the most important questions and topics of discussion. People all over the world argue about the ideal methods and ways of education, about its purpose and its key points. It is obvious that education is the second important thing after food for every person who wants to achieve something in life.

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There have been a lot of discussions connected with the purpose of education which is mostly based on the preparation of a person to some profession or occupation. Years ago the chief aim of education was the improvement of people’s general knowledge about themselves and of the surrounding world.

People used to learn about the existence in general but now the situation is different. Schools, colleges, universities prepare workers and specialists for different spheres of human life; that means they are aware of their key disciplines required by the profession, but their general background knowledge is limited.

As you see the topic on education is quite vast and it is difficult to include everything into the proposal. Writing a research proposal on education remember to present the history of education, its aims during the long run of time and the best ways to educate people. As you write a proposal, you should convince the professor that the topic is really urgent, important and worth investigation stating that the humanity has not grown up to the ideal education and its development is in the continuous process.

If you want to prepare a good research proposal on education, improve your knowledge of the topic reading reliable literary sources which reveal the problem in detail. It will be useful to read the books and articles on the history of education to realize in what way education has developed since the dawn of the human civilization and compare the difference of education in various historical periods. Then, collecting all possible data, read several free samples of research proposals on education to get to know the way of presentation of information and the type of the required data.

Summarising the proposal present your vision of the ideal education and prove that it is the most essential thing for the development of the human civilization.

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