Research Proposal on Reading Habits

Reading habits are types of reading behaviour which have been developed during the constant process of reading. It is obvious that reading habits appear during the permanent and systematic reading of various books, periodicals, articles and all sort of literature.

Every source and type of literature influences the human reading skills in the different way and develops the human perception, analytical and critical thinking skills. There is a great number of various reading habits but the most important and popular number of them is quite limited. The initial reading habit is called reading for enjoyment or for pleasure but not only when there is a need to read something. When the person reads a lot, she develops this habit and very soon she starts reading for entertainment and the process of reading stops being a routine of a task but becomes an everyday need and desire. The nest habit is the ability to read everywhere without losing attention even in the crowded place.

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The following habit is related with the total understanding and prediction of the following text. The individual reads not separate words but phrases and sentences and often misses several words but understands the point excellently. An experienced reader catches information from the first attempt and does not have to reread the parts of the text to understand the point. The wise reader also uses this practice to collect new words, learn them and enrich personal vocabulary and use it in everyday speech. There are much more various reading habits related with the use of the index card, increase of the time of reading per day, etc.

The topic on reading habits is quite useful for the research, because the student starts generating various ideas related with the development and improvement of the reading habits. It is important to understand the mechanism of the professional and intensive reading and the student is able to suggest this issue for the analysis in the research proposal. The proposal should explain the student’s choice of the topic and contain the most constructive ideas which can be useful for the development of the reading habits. One should also dwell on the expectations of the results of the research and demonstrate the methodology of the process of investigation of the issue.

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